My Beagle loved this

My Beagle loved this, I used pieces of grated cheese in each one she really enjoys using it


Ferret Treat Dispenser

My ferret loved playing with this and working out how to move and slide the toy to reveal the treat and knock over the stacks.


Mins not hours!

I put three kibbles of dog food into each part of the puzzle the first time I gave it to my 4 yr old Lhasa Apso. As I put it on the floor I set off the stopwatch on my smartphone. 2mins 7seconds later he sat down and looked at me for more. I bought it to slow down his eating as he's a scoffer, this will work for that, but as for hours of entertainment, well as he today, he is doing it in 52 secs. (It only arrived lastnight) judge for yourself