10/26/20 | Justine

Green feeder bowl

Our 11 months old puppy used to eat her meals within about 40 seconds, it now takes her in excess of 7 minutes, this can only be good for her digestive system - an amazing product for greedy dogs!

10/14/14 | Nikki D

Really slows eating time down

Bought for our 9 month old Labrador because she was gobbling her food too quickly. This is fabulous. It took a few attempts for her to get the hang of it... as she didn't like the big blades sticking into her face, but she can now get to all the food and as she grows it will become even more comfortable - it really does slow her down. Meal times used to take about a minute.... now she can still be fussing round it 15mins later. And it goes in the dishwasher - so easy cleaning for all those difficult places to reach. Would recommend it to any owner with a dog that hoovers up their dinner like ours did!