Treat dispensing a problem

My dog loves this challenge however we have tried various types and sizes of treats to dispense automatically from the barrel but he either gets none or far too many. I have to have a treat ready to place on the tray or have to grab some back out of it otherwise it would be an excessive amount!

02/27/19 | Tina Maynard

Great fun

My cockapoo puppy worked this out by accident and loves pressing the buzzer and rushing to find the dispenser for the treats. My friends dogs didn't quite get the hang of it when they borrowed it but maybe needed longer with it.


Huge disappointment

The button makes a noise when pressed the first time it's turned on so batteries obviously correctly inserted and working. The main unit does dispense treats when you you press the reset button on the top so mechanically sound. Absolutely zero communication between the button and the dispensing unit. A complete waste of a considerable amount of money.