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Animonda vom Feinsten Adult 6 x 100g

Product description

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Multi-Meat Cocktail
(£5.82 / kg)
Turkey & Rabbit
(£5.82 / kg)

Product description

A balanced wet food for adult cats, grain- and gluten-free* with up to 65% meat. Enriched with natural taurine with no artificial additives or soya.

Animonda vom Feinsten Adult is a complete wet food for adult cats. Made exclusively from carefully selected high-quality ingredients. The recipe contains no other sources of carbohydrates* making it ideal for sensitive cats with gluten or grain intolerances. The high meat content ensures your cat receives a vital supply of protein from animal sources, for a species-appropriate diet.
Enriched with natural taurine, an essential nutrient for cats helps strengthen the heart and improve eyesight. Each flavour is free from soya and genetically modified ingredients, as well as all kinds of artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives.

Animonda vom Feinsten Adult at a glance:
  • High-quality wet food for adult cats
  • Ideal for cats with sensitive digestion or grain/ gluten intolerances
  • High meat content: for an optimal supply of important proteins, for a species-appropriate diet
  • No grain or gluten*: easily digested and well-accepted (* Exception: Poultry & Pasta contains 4% pasta)
  • Balanced nutritional profile: supplying valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life
  • With natural taurine: an essential nutrient for cats that strengthens the heart and eyesight
  • Natural and unadulterated: free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, contains no soja, grains or GM ingredients


Turkey Hearts:
65% meat & meat by-products (beef, poultry, pork, 8% turkey hearts), minerals.

Poultry & Veal:
63% meat & meat by-products (25% poultry, beef, pork, 8% veal), minerals.

Salmon & Shrimp:
42% meat & meat by-products (poultry, pork), fish & fish by-products (15% salmon), molluscs and crustaceans (6% shrimp), minerals.

Multi-Meat Cocktail:
63% meat & meat by-products (23% beef, each 10% lamb, turkey, chicken, rabbit, pork), minerals.

Turkey & Rabbit:
63% meat & meat by-products (pork, 25% turkey, 8% rabbit), minerals.

Chicken Liver:
63% meat & meat by-products (beef, 14% chicken liver, pork), minerals.

Poultry & Pasta:
60% meat & meat by-products (25% poultry, beef, pork), baked goods (4% pasta), minerals.

Beef & Potato:
60% meat & meat by-products (30% beef, poultry, pork), vegetables (4% potato), minerals.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (200 IU), iodine (0.1mg), copper (1mg), manganese (1.4mg), zinc (11.4mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 11.0 %
fat 5.0 %
fibre 0.3 %
ash 1.6 %
moisture 81.0 %
protein 11.0 %
fat 5.0 %
fibre 0.3 %
ash 1.6 %
moisture 81.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's Feeding Recommendations:

Animonda vom Feinsten Adult is a complete food.

Cat's weight Serving in g/day
2-3kg 165-215g
4-5kg 265-310g


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2 Varieties £3.49