Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g

Chicken Pâté
: 5/5
Complete wet food from Sweden to support your cat throughout its life phases, with plenty of delicious meat in a variety of flavours, and now in a handy multibuy!for further information...
Product description
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g
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Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g - Chicken Pâté
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Bozita Canned Food Multibuy 24 x 400g

- Chicken Pâté

individually priced £32.76
Now £31.29
£3.26 / kg

Product description

Complete wet food from Sweden to support your cat throughout its life phases, with plenty of delicious meat in a variety of flavours, and now in a handy multibuy!

Choose your cat's favourite flavour and start saving! This Bozita Canned Food Multibuy contains 24 x 400g cans of a single flavour.

Bozita canned cat food contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is also suitable for pregnant and nursing cats as well as young cats and kittens.

  • 97% pure meat in an appetising clear jelly
  • No soya, meat meal, colourings, sugar and grains
  • Practical easy-open packaging (400g can)
  • Multi-vitamins for a healthy life
  • Also suitable for pregnant and nursing mother cats and kittens
  • Contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your cat needs

Bozita quality stands for:

  • Only raw ingredients of the highest quality
  • Raw ingredients from species-appropriate farm facilities
  • Meat from livestock inspected for food-quality
  • All raw ingredients free of growth-hormones
  • No artificial flavour enhancers
  • No artificial conservatives
  • No antibiotics
  • No meat-and-bone meal
  • Constant inspection of the production process (according to ISO 9001)
  • Very modern environment management system (according to ISO 14001)


Chicken (22%), beef, pork, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef, chicken, pork, salmon (4%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef (meat 21%), chicken, pork, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef, chicken, pork, shrimps (4%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (2000 IU), vitamin D3 (200 IU), vitamin E (12mg), copper [copper-(II)-sulphate] (2mg), taurine (300mg), manganese [manganese-(II) & -(III) oxide] (1.4mg), zinc [zinc sulphate monohydrate] (14mg), iodine [calcium iodate monohydrate] (0.1mg).
Contains the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.
Technological additives:
Cassia-gum (3675mg).

Analytical constituents

protein9.5 %
fat5.0 %
fibre0.5 %
calcium0.3 %
phosphorus0.3 %
magnesium0.02 %
moisture82.0 %
minerals2.0 %
calories that can be burned350.0 kcal

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Bozita wet food is a complete food for cats.

Cat weight in kg Serving in g/day
2 - 3 200 - 300
3 - 4 300 - 400
4 - 5 400 - 500
5 - 6 500 - 600
6 - 7 600 - 700

This is simply a guideline. Quantities should be adapted to meet your pet\s individual needs incl. your cat's health and activity levels.

Durability: full preserve. Keep open cans refrigerated (max +8°C) and use within 2 days.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Cat food
My cats love this. After switching to Bozita I noticed that their fur became more shiny and stools are not that smelly anymore. I still had some leftover supermarket cans so after feeding my cats Bozita for a while I gave them supermarket can and I was surprised that they didn't want to touch it anymore. Apparently they have been waiting for good stuff (Bozita) again.
: 5/5
Fantastic for my Bengals
Brilliant high quality tinned food for our breeding program.
31/10/19|Kat A.
: 5/5
Best Meat Content without breaking the bank!!!
This is the best budget friendly option for a healthy cat! My two 6 y.o. males can't have enough of it! They are both healthy, have shiny coats and very active. Because there are no additives or flavour enhancers you might find your cat refuses to eat it first if switching from a dry food / cheaper brand. Transition worth while because you'll see how much healthier your cat looks and acts! Can't recommend enough!
25/02/19|David Plant
: 2/5
None of my 4 cats like it
Bought this as from the reviews it looked like it would be a step up from their usual Felix cans, however it was a waste of money as none of them like it.
: 2/5
Not for my cats
I have 4 cats and bought this on a multibuy, unfortunately they were not interested so looks like i will have to give it to the local cat rescue, it looks the part and appears to have a high meat content however I bought it on the strength of the reviews but should have tried a sample one off tin first .
: 5/5
Our cat loves this food
Excellent and relatively cheap cat food. Our cat loves it and it has increased his appetite. He has recently been quite ill and has thrown up a lot. Not so with this food. It's helped him on the road to recovery.
: 5/5
Best for the price!
I was looking for a good quality canned food that wouldn't break the bank. After some research everybody was raving about Bozita. Decided to try the salmon cans first, she eats it well (although like many cats she does prefer the crappo cheap stuff so have to be vigilant) I have noticed since she's eaten this her fur has gotten really silky and glossy, really impressed with the quality meat content of this food, we have just ordered the tetra chunks in gravy to try next!
: 5/5
My cats love this
This is a good stop gap if you are struggling with feeding raw, but want a good quality meat diet. Nothing is ever wasted, and you do not need to feed as much . My cats are so much more content eating this. I only wish they did this version in the tetra packs .
: 5/5
Cats look so much healthier
I purchased this food after realising how rubbish most of the supermarket cat food really was. One of my cats always had runny stools and was really skinny.... wow what a difference now, he has no more intestine problems. If they use the litter tray at night the whole house no longer stinks, stools look normal not runny and fowl smelling, and their coats are shiny and thick, no more flaky dry skin which was so visible on a black coat! They truly look gorgeous and they love it all, any flavour. We are really happy with Bozita and will keep buying it for sure.
: 5/5
4 rescue kittens love this food!
I feed my 4 rescue kittens (2x 9months old, 1x7/8months old and 1x6months old) the Applaws dry kitten food alongside the Bozita canned food and they love it....they had previously been on a well known brand wet food and another well known brand dry food and I've found they have more energy, they eat smaller amounts (as there is hardly any filler in this and the Applaws) and they are starting to get really nice shine to their coats. Zooplus are very efficient and I find buying in bulk through them to be almost as cheap as buying the lesser quality well known brands via the supermarket but With the Applaws kitten having 80% chicken content and the Bozita canned having 22% chicken plus beef and pork it is in my opinion far better than the usual brands 3-4% meat content. 4 very happy felines in my life now I've switched them to these foods. Also I did not stage the change in their diet I gave them one meal of the wet food they had been previously having and then the next day put out the foods I intended to feed them and every one of them have successfully changed without any nasty side effects such as diarrhoea which again in my opinion is down to the quality if the food they are now having.
: 5/5
Almost immediate change in condition
We tried our 8 year old cats on Bozita for the first time recently. They had no difficulty 'transitioning', and we've noticed a marked change in their skin and fur - far more healthy looking. We now bulk order the 20 can packs, which makes it slightly more expensive than the leading supermarket brands, but well worth it for the quality.
: 5/5
Reversed Diabetes in My 13 Year Old Cat
I have been using this incredible cat meat for 2 years now and it saved my eldest cat from being put on insulin injections for diabetes. I used to feed my cats on a high quality dried food - Science Plan - recommended by vets! But once my cat was diagnosed with diabetes I did extensive research and learned that they need to be on a high quality meat diet - raw if possible. This led me to Bozita and now my 15 year old cat is livelier than ever, full of energy, skin and eyes are so healthy. Can't recommend it enough. My other three cats have been fed this since they were kittens and it has given them a great foundation for the rest of their lives. Amazing high quality meat that I can't recommend enough. It also works out cheaper buying in bulk and not much more than what you'd pay in the supermarket and the quality is far superior. Buy your cat the best - they're worth it!
: 5/5
Fantastic Value, Our cats love this food!
We have been buying the saver packs for a while now, its a great way to save money and buy the food our cats love. Our cats are thriving on this wet food, they have lovely conditioned coats and are very happy. We also feed them Bozita dry food and they enjoy them both. Highly Recommended. Our cats have preferred this over the more commonly available wet food. They get excited every time they hear the can open.
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