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James Wellbeloved Cat Adult Pouches - Turkey

Product description

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Product description

A delicious complete wet cat food packed full of fresh ingredients, single-source premium animal-protein & enriched with linseed. This recipe is grain-free & hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive cats.
James Wellbeloved Cat Adult Pouches - Turkey is a delicious complete wet food for your sensitive adult cat. Nutritionally-balanced and specifically designed to be kind to those suffering from dietary intolerances or digestive discomfort, this hypoallergenic recipe is completely free from those troublesome ingredients most likely to cause adverse reactions. This includes eggs, beef, dairy and pork, as well as gluten, soya and wheat. The carbohydrate in this dish comes from cassava and potato, with tender turkey providing sufficient animal protein to keep your cat healthy and energised. This food is also completely free from artificial additives and uses only the most delicious, natural ingredients, all enriched with beneficial linseed oil. This valuable oil offers your cat unsaturated fatty acids, which are vital in keeping your cat's skin healthy and coat gleaming. This food also contains chicory extract, which is full of prebiotic inulin, essential in keeping your cat's digestion functioning smoothly and the intestinal environment balanced. The recipe is rounded off with yucca extract, which helps reduce unpleasant stool odour. This wholesome wet food prides itself on containing only the finest quality ingredients and the most beneficial nutrients.

James Wellbeloved Adult is a complete dietetic moist cat food. It comes in a handy pouch and offers your cat a luxurious balanced dish:


  • Complete, balanced recipe: Ideal for sensitive cats
  • Hypoallergenic: Highly-digestible and well-accepted
  • Single-source protein: By using just one source of high-quality protein, this food is better tolerated
  • Gluten- and grain-free: Instead using highly-digestible potato and cassava to provide essential carbohydrates
  • Carefully-selected, naturally-produced ingredients: Of the finest quality for the absolute best taste
  • Free from: Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, as well as bulking ingredients
  • Free from troublesome ingredients known to exacerbate allergies: This includes pork, soya products, beef, wheat gluten, wheat, eggs and dairy products
  • Linseed oil: For vital omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, key in giving your cat a glossy coat and healthy skin
  • Chicory: This is a valuable source of prebiotic inulin, which helps keep the intestinal environment at a balanced level and reduce the number of bad bacteria in your cat's intestines.
  • Yucca extract: To minimise unpleasant stool odour
  • With vital vitamins and minerals: To provide your cat with a well-rounded, highly-nutritious meal



Turkey (41%), pea protein, tomato pomace, cassava, potato flakes, sunflower oil, linseed oil, potassium diphosphate, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, fish oil, xylose, chicory extract, cranberry extract, Yucca extract.
Minimum levels: Turkey (41%), cranberry extract (0.014%), Yucca extract (0.005%)

Additives per kg:
Vitamins: E671/vitamin D3 (300 IU), taurine (500mg).
Trace elements: E1/iron (35.5mg), E2/iodine (2.1mg), E4/copper (5.2mg), E5/manganese (6.7mg), E6/zinc (47.7mg).

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation

James Wellbeloved Adult in pouches is a complete wet food for adult cats.

If you are feeding James Wellbeloved wet pouches as part of a hypo-allergenic diet we suggest trying it for a period of 3 to 8 weeks. If the signs of the food intolerance disappear, continue feeding indefinitely.

Pouches per day:


Cat's weight Lean /very active Normal Indoor / overweight /
2kg 2 1.67 1.33
3kg 2,67 2.25 1.75
4kg 3.25 2.75 2,25
5kg 3.75 3.25 2.5
6kg 4.33 3.67 3
7kg 4.75 4 3.25
8kg 5.25 4.5 3.5


If feeding both wet and dry food during the day, reduce the daily allowance of dry food by 20g for every pouch fed.
The recommended daily serving is only a guide as requirements vary considerably from cat to cat and can depend on whether other foods are also offered. Ideally, split the daily allowance into numerous meals throughout the day - cats like to be fed little and often.
Feed at room temperature. If whole pouch is not used, refrigerate unused portion.
Please make sure your cat has plenty of clean, fresh drinking water at all times


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