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Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Diabetic Pouches

Product description

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Product description

Diabetic cats need a very specialist diet, which can be found in these complete moist food pouches. They contain plentiful protein whilst being low in calories and starch, keeping blood sugars level.
Vet Food Disclaimer

Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Diabetic Pouches help to keep your cat with diabetes happy and healthy, suitable from the age of six months. Many cats suffer from diabetes mellitus, which is normally caused by genetic predisposition or being severely overweight. Diabetes means that your cats blood sugar levels will significantly increase, as insulin cannot be consistently produced, meaning that your cat cannot regulate its own blood sugars.

For diabetic cats, a diet such as Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Diabetic Pouches is crucial. It is full of beneficial features, including a lowered calorie content and less starch, both of which can assist in losing weight or keeping your cat at a steady healthy size. L-carnitine has always been included in this recipe, which can help increase fat-burning. It is rich in protein, helping to keep muscles strong even while your cat is losing weight and supporting a slow release of glucose.


  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Body Condition Score (BCS) ≤ 6/9
  • Note: Insulin sensitivity may improve while your cat is on this diet. Blood sugar levels should be closely monitored and the insulin dose adjusted as necessary.
  • Pregnancy or lactation, kittens
  • Overweight or obese cats (BCS ≥ 7/9)
Key benefits:
  • Moderate calorie content: can help to combat weight gain.
  • High protein content: helps to maintain muscle mass
  • Gluco modulation: specialised formula to help manage the postprandial blood glucose in diabetic cats.
  • Low starch: helps to reduce the absorption of excessive amounts of carbohydrates.
Length of treatment:
  • It is advisable to keep your cat on this diet for the rest of its life. Although diabetes can be reversible in cats, lifelong treatment reduces the risk of relapse.


Therapeutic veterinary diets are carefully formulated and recommended to be used in conjunction with veterinary advice and support.
Royal Canin strongly recommend you seek advice from your vet prior to and during feeding of any of these products to your pet.


Meat and animal derivatives, vegetable derivatives, grain, minerals, oils and fats.

Additives (per kg):
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (270 IE/kg), iron (3 mg/kg), iodine (0,4 mg/kg), copper (3 mg/kg), manganese (0,8 mg/kg), zinc (8 mg/kg).

Technological additives:
clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (1 g/kg).


Analytical constituents

protein 8.9 %
fat 3.2 %
fibre 1.1 %
ash 1.7 %
moisture 82.5 %
starch 1.2 %
total sugar 1.3 %
protein 8.9 %
fat 3.2 %
fibre 1.1 %
ash 1.7 %
moisture 82.5 %
starch 1.2 %
total sugar 1.3 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation (g/day):

Royal Canin Veterinary - Diabetic is a complete wet cat food.

Cat’s weight Lean Normal Overweight
2kg 185g 155g -
3kg 275g 230g -
4kg 365g 310g 255g
5kg 460g 385g 315g
6kg 550g 465g 380g
7kg 640g 540g 445g
8kg 730g 620g 505g
9kg - 695g 570g
10kg - 775g 635g


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