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Cosma Snackies XXL Maxi Tube Multibuy

Product description

Cosma Snackies XXL Maxi Tube Multibuy 5 2
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39.49 39.79 GBP 7
Mixed Pack I: Chicken, Tuna, White Fish
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.79
(£8.12 / 100g)
Mixed Pack III: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.79
(£7.51 / 100g)
Mixed Pack II: Tuna, White Fish, Salmon
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.79
(£9.04 / 100g)
Chicken (3 x 200g)
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.49
(£6.58 / 100g)
Tuna (3 x 180g)
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.49
(£7.31 / 100g)
White Fish (3 x 110g)
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.49
(£11.97 / 100g)
Salmon (3 x 150g)
individually priced £40.47
Now £39.49
(£8.78 / 100g)

Product description

Save now on these delicious, extra-large grain-free natural cat treats. Made from 100% pure chicken, tuna, white fish, or salmon gently freeze-dried to preserve the great taste & valuable nutrients.
Tasty Cosma Snackies XXL are the perfect snack for larger cat breeds, and now come with fantastic savings when you buy the Maxi Tube in a Multibuy! These tasty treats are made from pure meat or fish according to a grain and gluten free recipe. The chicken, tuna, or white fish is gently freeze-dried in a lengthy process that thoroughly extracts the moisture from the ingredients at a low temperature. This preserves the rich flavour as well as the valuable nutrients of the premium ingredients.

The delicious treats are all-natural, with no artificial additives, colourings, or preservatives added during the manufacturing process. All of these factors combine to make these a wonderful choice as a healthy snack for your cat, with veterinary doctors as well as experienced cat breeders recommending them.

The extra-large snacks are available in the following delicious flavours:

  • Chicken (3 x 200g): Delicious pieces of meat for the cat which enjoys chicken
  • Tuna (3 x 180g): Exquisite pieces of tuna for gourmet cats
  • White Fish (3 x 110g): Tasty pieces of white fish for fish-loving cats
  • Salmon (3 x 150g): Tempting pieces of salmon for cats that appreciate luxury

Also in convenient mixed packs with 3 varieties so your cat will never get bored:

  • Mixed Pack I (total 490g): 1 maxi tube each of Chicken, Tuna and White Fish
  • Mixed Pack II (total 440g): 1 maxi tube each of Tuna, White Fish and Salmon
  • Mixed Pack III (total 530g): 1 maxi tube each of Chicken, Tuna and Salmon

Premium quality Cosma Snackies XXL come in a practical, re-sealable tube which keeps the natural meat or fish fresh and tasty. You can feed your cat Snackies XXL several times a day as an appetising snack, or try something different and scatter a few over your cat's normal food. Your cat will love the delicious, pure taste.

Cosma Snackies - the pure, natural snack for your cat.


Chicken: 100% chicken
Tuna: 100% tuna
White Fish: 100% white fish
Salmon: 100% salmon

Analytical constituents

protein 87.3 %
fat 4.1 %
fibre 2.3 %
ash 5.2 %
protein 89.4 %
fat 1.9 %
fibre 2.5 %
ash 4.3 %
protein 76.5 %
fat 9.0 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 4.3 %
protein 61.0 %
fat 33.0 %
ash 4.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation
Cosma Snackies XXL are a supplementary food. Feed as a treat or between meals. Adjust the amount of your cat's daily food accordingly. Please make sure your pet has always has fresh drinking water available.


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