GimCat GrasBits

Multibuy: 2 x 425g
: 5/5
Healthy, irresistible treats from GimCat. Cat grass in a practical tab form, with natural vitamins from grass. Contains minerals & trace elements.for further information...
Product description
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
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GimCat GrasBits

- 140g

£28.50 / kg

Product description

Healthy, irresistible treats from GimCat. Cat grass in a practical tab form, with natural vitamins from grass. Contains minerals & trace elements.

Cats swallow a lot of hairs during their daily grooming rituals that can form into hairballs in their stomachs. To make the passage of hairs easier, cats like to eat grass. On the one hand, grass supports the cleansing of the stomach. On the other hand, grass provides important nutrients. Cats in the wild often make use of grass to clear out their guts.

For all the others, now there's the new GrasBits from GimCat. GrasBits contain a good portion of grass which means plenty of natural vitamins. Through the special aromatic composition, you'll enjoy high acceptance of this product among your cats.

GimCat GrasBits at a glance:

  • An aromatic cat snack
  • With natural vitamins from grass
  • Good for the stomach and digestion
  • Practical GrasBits for constipated cats
  • Grain- and sugar-free: suitable for sensitive cats
GrasBits from GimCat - the tasty treat with plenty of grass.


Milk and dairy products, yeast, dried grass (12%), oils and fats.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (1147 IU), vitamin E (260mg).

Analytical constituents

protein26.0 %
fat16.5 %
fibre13.0 %
ash6.0 %
moisture5.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
Supplementary feed for cats.

4-6 GrasBits per day.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Great, good for my cat and for me
It was love at first taste for Charly, who always devours the GrasBits. Good ingredients and nutrients. Highly recommended!
: 5/5
kitty loves them
My boy is 12 weeks + 5 days so he has not had fur balls but even still he really enjoys these treats!
: 5/5
My Balu has always loved eating this, and has never tried anything else. He gets it at night with his dry food and he's never left it so far. Another great thing is that he never throws it up, which is very important for us, because the whole apartment apart from the kitchen is carpeted.
: 5/5
If your indoor cat has litter box odour....
My adored rescue cat has always had litterbox deposits that, well, ponged to high Heaven! I found the food she was least allergic to (and tried kitty enzymes) yet the pong continued - but reduces ENORMOUSLY on these tablets which she loves! I imagine it is the chlorophyll that reduces the odour if she has four or more a day (she is a small slim very fit and active cat). My cat adores them and so does my dog - long may they make them!
: 5/5
My Kookoo goes crazy
Our oochie koo has an excellent raw food diet and this is the first treat we have introduced and she LOVES THEM! Although it is difficult to say how healthy they are...
: 5/5
Popular with one of my cats!
One of my boys goes crazy for these - he loves it however the other one simply doesn't care. Probably not something I will regularly order as they are quite expensive for a tiny bag of them but definitely worth a try as some cats do like it and being grass it's supposed to be good for them.
: 5/5
Must have!
I tried to grow cat grass once but my indoor cat didn't show any interest in it, so I tried these ones instead and he loves them! He enjoys them everyday as a treat!!
: 5/5
My cat loves Gimpet Grass Bits. He becomes excited the moment I shake the tablets onto his plate. This is a top quality product, and one I shall be buying regularly from now on.
: 5/5
I wasn't sure about that product my kitten will eat a grass tablet BUT she loves it!!! Somehow the smell is nice for her. So I recommend this for everyone! :) Great stuff !!!!
: 5/5
I only ordered a small pack of these as I wasn't sure what to expect from reading other reviews, but both my kittens went bananas for them and would have eaten the whole pack had I given them. Great idea for indoor cats and I'll definitely be ordering more :)
: 5/5
ginger loves grass
my ginger boy really loves it. all I have to do is to shake the bag
: 5/5
Loved by two 9 year old Maine Coons
Like everyone I ordered this expecting total refusal, but was encouraged by the reviews saying, one cat did the other didn't. Both of them tucked in and ask for them everyday. Huge success for two indoor cats. Very much worth a try and good value. But for two large cats, could do with a mega size.
: 5/5
my cat loves these!
My cat starts each day with several of these tablets- he can't get enough of them ( and he is a very fussy customer). My yorkies are also happy to have some too!
: 5/5
Sylvie (4 months) loves this grass. It's on the floor near the base of her tree and water bowl. She walks around and through the grass, hides her toys in and behind it and has a regular chew as she passes. She also seems to drink more water. The grass is surprisingly resilient to the battering she subjects it to. I have already ordered 3 more packs and will be keeping a constant supply available. I'm on the lookout for a more attractive container as this looks like becoming a regular feature in my living room. Very highly recommended for indoor cats.
: 5/5
Loves it
My very fussy indoor cat also loves them, my other indoor non fussy cat, won't touch them Cats seem to either, love them or hate them !
: 5/5
My cat loves these!
We bought a pack of Grass Bits for our mostly indoor cat, who does have access to the garden, but is quite old and chooses not to go out much. We also tried growing cat grass in a pot for her, but she showed little interest in it, so I am glad that she is getting some grass through these treats. Interestingly, our other cat, who spends lots of time outdoors & regularly eats the grass on the lawn, shows no interest in them at all.
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