Trixie Cat Malt
Trixie Cat Malt

Trixie Cat Malt

Malt paste from Trixie for a healthy stomach and healthy intestinesfor further information...
Product description
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21 yr olds favourite treat: "Gosh. Daisy is doing well in her second/third home but she's so fussy, then gets sick if she eats with the younger cats. She won't mix. Since she's discovered Trixie Cat ...

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Product description

Malt paste from Trixie for a healthy stomach and healthy intestines

Trixie Malt Paste is a delicious cat treat that helps to regulate the digestive system and keep it working well. The tasty malt snack comes in a handy tube for easy dosage and storage. It promotes a healthy digestive tract and helps to reduce the formation of harmful hairballs. Cats are very fastidious and grooom themselves everyday. They swallow hair every time they do so and this can cause digestive issues and blockages. The problem increases during the moulting season in spring and autumn and if you have a long haired cat. Your cat's rough tongue help to remove loose hair, however this means that they also swallow the indigestible hair which then forms clumps in the stomach. If these hairballs are not expelled they can cause real problems. Trixie Malt Paste contains malt extract as well as oils and fats, all of which help to prevent hairballs from forming. The paste covers each swallowed hair with a thin film so that is expelled naturally before it turns into clump and forms an obstruction.

It's also a good idea to comb your long-haired cat regularly, especially when in moult as this helps to remove loose hair.  Trixie Malt Paste is the easy way to resolve hairball problems and makes a good alternative to cat grass.

Trixie Malt Paste for Cats:
  • Delicious, well-accepted cat paste
  • With malt extract and oils
  • A natural digestive aid
  • Helps to prevent hairball formation
  • A tasty alternative to cat  grass


Vegetable by-products (malt extract), oils and fats.
With EC additives. 

Analytical constituents

protein3.1 %
fat36.1 %
fibre1.0 %
ash1.3 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
Trixie Cat Malt is a supplementary feed for cats. 

Feed your cat approx. 1-3 g daily (2 cm = 1 g).
In case of existing constipation, increase the dose 2-3 times.