Royal Canin Sensible

: 5/5
High-quality dry food for adult cats with sensitive digestive systems, for highest digestibility and improved wellbeing in a healthy recipe designed to promote a balanced intestinal flora.for further information...
Product description
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
Royal Canin Sensible
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Product description

High-quality dry food for adult cats with sensitive digestive systems, for highest digestibility and improved wellbeing in a healthy recipe designed to promote a balanced intestinal flora.

Having a sensitive digestion can make finding the right food for your cat a real problem. This Royal Canin Sensible 33 Cat has been developed to solve that problem! The exclusive nutrient combination helps to strengthen and support the digestive system, improving your cat's overall feeling of wellbeing.
The kibble comes in a range of different shapes and flavours, helping to ensure even fussy cats can find something to enjoy and contributing to a well accepted taste experience.
Royal Canin Sensible 33 Cat helps to encourage long-term digestive security and gut health.

Royal Canin Sensible 33 Cat at a glance:
  • High-quality complete food for adult cats aged 1-7 years
Strong & energy-rich
The balanced recipe can support digestion and the digestive tract.
Three different kibble shapes to ensure best acceptance and variety in texture.
  • For sensitive digestion: L.I.P. proteins are easy to digest and can support a healthy digestive system
  • Digestive security: the exclusive nutrient combination can ensure long-term gut happiness
  • Healthy urinary tract: through a specially tailored mineral content
  • Rice: can help to improve digestion
Royal Canin Quality Guarantee
All Royal Canin products undergo thorough quality controls to ensure optimum food quality and to provide food that is appropriate for your cat's individual nutritional needs and lifestyle. This means that Royal Canin cat food offers high-quality, balanced nutrition.

Mixed feeding - cleverly combined: in order to meet the individual preferences of cats, Royal Canin is also available in a wet food format with tender moist food. Wet food is particularly tasty for cats, as well as helping to offer valuable nutrients and encourage a good fluid intake for healthy kidneys and urinary system. A portioned pouch containing 100g of wet food contains half of your cat's daily recommended fluid intake! Dry food helps to meet your cat's natural behaviours, allowing for small portions throughout the day as well as helping to care for teeth and gums, with a high concentration of nutrients, portion or fibre. Various studies have shown that combining the two can support your cat's health in a natural way! Simply follow our feeding guidelines to ensure that your cat receives the ideal quantities of wet and dry food for good health.


Dried poultry protein, rice, animal fat, maize, vegetable protein isolate*, dried pork protein*, wheat feed meal, wheat, hydrolysed animal protein, maize gluten meal, yeast and its derivatives, dried beet pulp, minerals, fish oil, lignocellulose, soya oil, fructo-oligosaccharides.
*L.I.P.: selected, easily digestible proteins with high biological valency.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (18,500 IU), vitamin D3 (1000 IU), E1 [iron] (38mg), E2 [iodine] (3.8mg), E4 [copper] (12mg), E5 [manganese] (50mg), E6 [zinc] (150mg), E8 [selenium] (0.1mg).
Technological additives:
Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (5g).
Zootechnological additives:
Ammonium chloride (5g).
Preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein33.0 %
fat22.0 %
fibre1.6 %
ash7.4 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Royal Canin Feline Sensible 33 is a complete food for cats.

Cat's weight 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg
Ideal weight 39g 48g 57g 64g
Overweight 31g 39g 45g 51g

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your cat's specific dietary needs. Age, activity levels and environment should be particularly taken into consideration.
If your cat becomes overweight, the daily portion should be reduced in size.


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Latest user reviews

22/02/23|Donna Bell
: 5/5
Fabulous food for cats, very good for their digestion. Since my cats have been on this their poo has been practically odour free. They have also stayed at a nice healthy weight and no trips to the vets with diarrhoea. Couldn't recommend this any higher. (I have 3 ragdolls and 1 domestic)
19/03/18|South Devon Hedgehog Sanctuary
: 5/5
The Hedgehogs Love It!
This is the preferred choice of biscuits in the Hedgehog Sanctuary whilst they are rehabilitating, helping them to become ready for release back to the Wild.
10/10/17|Barrie Knight
: 5/5
Evesham Cats Protection
Excellent service. Excellent prices. Will definitely order again.
: 5/5
top food for sensitive tums
My three Birmans all have sensitive tums, had intermittent vomiting & diarrhoea- after many tests & vet trips we tried this. After 3 days on this food it stopped. They have been on this for 18 months now and still no digestive problems. They happily eat this. Top marks !
: 5/5
very happy
I've been feeding this food to our 6 cats for years. They're very happy and have beautifully glossy fur. We started with it due to some digestive issues and have stuck with it ever since. No other wet food either.
: 5/5
Best biscuits for my cats!
i have 6 cats, and they all love this food! Settles there stomachs and fills them up lovely. Perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs. No horrid litter tray dutys with this! Just stay clear from royal canin indoor....made my cats ill badly!
: 5/5
Roy & Squirrel ❤
My two kitty cats love this food. Roy has a sensitive tummy and often had problems before but haven't had any issues since swapping to this. I also feel good knowing my cat's are getting a great diet!
: 5/5
Great food
Our cats love this dried food and it keeps them well and healthy and its a great price on zoo plus
: 5/5
Royal Canin Sensible Cat
I have tried other Royal Canin varieties of dry cat food, and because one of my cats doesn't have many teeth i find this perfect because it has a smaller kibble. He tends to eat a lot of dry food and before trying this he brought it back up, but since he has had this food he has never done that.Everything that Zooplus sell is great value which is why i am a regular customer monthly, if my cats are happy so am i
: 5/5
Sensible Cat Food
Great for my cat that has a sensitive tummy. Easy to process and the kibble is a great size for ensuring it's chewed and not just swallowed. :)
: 5/5
My cat is "officially" too old (she's 16) for this food. But she still loves it and doesn't like and cannot keep down any other dry food. She also drinks plenty of water and has wet food also.
: 3/5
tasty but unfortunately very tiny crumbs
I ordered this flavour just to try it out. They loved eating it and gobbled it all up but the kibble looks like small crumbs. The second try also had no large kibble pieces. I'm not going to order it again.
: 5/5
Finally something that helps!
My cat had chronic diarrhea and nothing worked. On the vet's advice we tried this food. And it helps! Finally the diarrhea is gone and my cat no longer farts :) Our two female cats also enjoy eating it! Absolutely recommended for cats with sensitive digestive systems!
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