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Smilla Adult Urinary

Product description

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Product description

This delicious dry food for adult cats has been developed to support cats with kidney issues, with a tailored protein content and adjusted mineral profile that contribute to good metabolic function.

The kidneys play an important role in removing harmful waste products from your cat’s body. It is not uncommon for cats to experience problems with their urinary system at some point in their life. Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition with Poultry was developed with leading scientific experts to help support cats with sensitive bladders and urinary tracts.

The reduced protein and mineral content in Smilla Urinary cat food can have a positive effect on the metabolism, helping to reduce the amount of toxins your cat’s body needs to process. Smilla Urinary also contains DL-methionine, which helps to acidify your cat’s urine, keeping it at a healthy pH value. This can help to prevent the build-up of cystine and urate stones.

Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition Urinary with Poultry:

  • Balanced protein and mineral contents to help take the strain off your cat’s metabolism
  • Essential fatty acids to support kidney filtration
  • DL-methionine to help keep your cat’s urine at a healthy pH value
  • With vitamins A and E for good vision and healthy skin
  • With linseed as a natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, for a glossy coat
  • High digestibility for ideal nutrient absorption
  • With vegetable fibres for optimal hairball processing
  • With high quality proteins to support organ functions
  • With taurine for strong cardiac function and sight
  • No artificial colour, flavouring or preservatives
  • Non-GMO - part of a balanced diet
  • No added sugar and lactose-free


Maize, 14% poultry meal, 5% greaves, beef fat, poultry fat, rice flour, 5% fish meal, liver hydrolysate, dried beet pulp, dried liver, 1% dried apple pulp, linseed, powdered egg, sodium chloride, dried yeast, potassium chloride, 0.06% barley (fermented), 0.05% dried marine algae, yeast extract, 0.04% chicory root.



Vitamins per kg: Vitamin A 25,000 IE, vitamin D3 2000 IE, vitamin E 120mg, vitamin B1 6mg, vitamin B2 6mg, pantothenic acid 15mg, niacin 60mg, vitamin B6 5mg, folic acid 2mg, biotin 1000mcg, vitamin B12 100mcg, vitamin C (ascorbylmonophosphate, calcium-sodium salt) 35mg.

Trace elements per kg:
Iron (iron (II) sulphate) 90mg, copper (copper (II)sulphate, pentahydrate) 9mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 90mg, manganese (manganese oxide) 15mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrate) 1.5mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.1mg.

Amino acids per kg:
DL-methionine 2100 mg, taurine 1000mg, choline chloride 75mg. Antioxidants, tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin.

With no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. Lactose-free. No added sugar.

Analytical constituents

protein 24.0 %
fat 20.0 %
fibre 3.5 %
ash 4.0 %
calcium 0.5 %
phosphorus 0.35 %
magnesium 0.05 %
potassium 0.5 %
sodium 0.4 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
We recommend serving Smilla in 2 portions a day. Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times. Due to cats' varying requirements, the amounts stated in this table may vary by up to 15%.


Feeding recommendation per cat in g/day:

Weight of adult cat Daily amount
2 - 3 kg 40 - 55 g
3 - 4 kg 55 - 70 g
4 - 5 kg 70 - 80 g
5 - 6 kg 80 - 90 g
6 - 7 kg 90 - 100 g
7 - 8 kg 100 - 110 g
8 - 9 kg 110 - 120 g
9 - 11 kg 120 - 140 g
11 - 13 kg 140 - 150 g


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