Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters

Long-Hair Long-Lasting Filter
: 5/5
Replacement filters for the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain. for further information...
Product description
Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters
Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters
Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters
Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters
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Product description

Replacement filters for the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain. 

These replacement filters for the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain are long-lasting and ideal for long-haired cats.
This sponge-like filter is specially developed so that you do not need to regularly change the filter. The long-hair filter protects the pump from grime, hairs and left-over food. It also slows the passage of the water to the pump resulting in less noise. As the filter lasts for several months, it should be thoroughly washed off once a week or soaked in boiling water to keep it germ-free and clean.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Exceptionally Quiet Drinking Fountain
Fantastic water fountain, very gentle flow, giving options to drink from the source, gently flowing water, or small pool at the bottom. Cant believe how quiet this is, I have noted that if I can hear water trickling then its because they have drunk water below the bottom of the top cover, which actually acts as an alert to top up the water so have topped it up. Also use the additional filter in it. 10/10 **** I have followed the instructions on cleaning, completely changing the water mid-wee
: 5/5
My cat loves this. It took him a week before he was brave enough top go even near it but once he did that was it. He drinks from it all the time now and sometimes has a little play. It is almost silent and the best one I have seen
: 5/5
Been using this for over a year now
Excellent product, well used by my two cats. It's a shame the pumps are designed by someone who doesn't realise that they need to be taken apart frequently, but once you get into the hang of it, it's OK. The fountain itself is a breeze to clean. I change the water twice a week and clean pump once a week. Regarding the adapter, I do agree that it's not great. So I purchased a "battery charger adapter, 3A" which is better built, more compact and has a screw to tighten the adapter to pump plug!
: 5/5
using for 3 years now
I have always used the filter, even though my cat has short hair. i am only on my second pump and it runs 24/7. much easier to clean with the small brush that comes with the replacement tube set. it is heavy, which is what i need as my naughty boy would tip it over otherwise. he uses it all the time, although only drinks from the spout, he plays with the rest!
: 5/5
My Cats love it
My three cats love this. I clean it in the dishwasher once a week, except for the motor parts which I clean with the little brush provided and soapy water. The cats get excited when I am adding the water after I clean it and then jump on it to drink.
: 5/5
Silent, Sturdy and easy to clean
I tried a couple of fountains before this but I have 2 cats who like to 'dig' around before drinking. Other fountains are too light, fall over when pulled by the 'dig', spill everywhere and the motors break. Not possible with this fountain! I've had it over a year now and it runs silently when clean, is very easy to clean and all 3 of my cats love to drink from it. Filter recommended for more than 2 cats using it.
: 5/5
Good so far!
I chose this over others and it seemed likely to be quieter than other designs. I like the ceramic rather than plastic. And no (what seems unecessary) carbon filter to replace. She normally only drinks from a glass (preferably yours)It took her about a week to figure it out, after trialling various things. She figured it out when she saw me pouring a glass of water into it, and now happily drinks from the fountain. It's far from silent, but not loud. Let's see how long the pump lasts, it run
: 5/5
Ideal for Persians
This is a terrific fountain. I have two Persian boys - one is a is a 'relatively short" hair - and he loves drinking from the small pool at the bottom. The other is just a ball of fluff and with the previous 'best selling' fountain, he got his fuzzy face completely drenched each time as he had to stick his head in the bottom pool - with this one he laps it up as it comes out of the hole at the top and keeps 90% dry! They are also drinking much more water, which is great.
: 5/5
Excellent fountain
Have had this for about a year. Cat loves it. Just now thought the pump was broken and would need to purchase a replacement. But there is a manual on the lucky kitty website that tells you how to clean it; worked a treat. The link in case anyone thinks their pump is broken or not working effectively: (It is in German and English)
: 5/5
Instant success!
My cat started drinking from the fountain as soon as she saw it. It was easy to set up, following instructions at, and is virtually silent in operation. Would be helpful if manual came with fountain - some reviews refer to problems putting fountain together/filling it and I wonder if these have arisen because people haven't had instructions to hand. I also bought the tube cleaner + spare tubes so it should be easy to keep tubes clean.
: 5/5
Best of the best
My cats lol love it.when the pump broke after 2 years of working 24/7, they refused to drink from the normal bowl for the first day... Very easy to clean, cats cannot trip it, replacable parts available, just perfect. The only thing I do not use is filter as I noticed surprisingly that water's smell and cleanliness is better without it.
: 5/5
Brilliant for Bengals
Like many Bengals our cat loves water so as well as drinking it, he plays in it constantly. The fact that the base is so heavy is a big plus as Bengals are renowned for tipping over water bowls at every opportunity. So far this has stood up to a 5 kilo boy teetering on the edges of it while fishing in the pool. Even with the constant play, the water stays very fresh and clean (used with the filter) and as yet we haven't experienced any issues. We have had 3 different fountains before and all were incredibly fiddly to clean with numerous separate parts to disassemble so by comparison, this is very straightforward. We use the brush from a Camelbak hydration pack to clean everything as its designed for flexible tubes. Definitely worth the money. Its very quiet and doesn't leak as long as you don't overfill it.
: 5/5
Very quiet and cat loves it
I was un sure wether my cat would take to this,at first he didnt as it was flowing too fast but once on its lowest setting he loves it and his cat litter is always wet how it should be unlike before with a normal bowl. Also i cannot hear this at all and its right outside my bedroom door. I would recommend this to people.
: 5/5
My cat developed urine problems and the vet recommended a water fountain to try and help him drink more. I read previous reviews and instead of purchasing this one bought the Drinkwell 360 Cat fountain, recommended by one of the other reviewers; it was a disaster. He hissed at it, refused to go near it and not once drank from it. It was an expensive purchase and left me somewhat despondent about water fountains, especially with the addition of filters etc. In the end I decided it would be worth giving it another go and purchased this one. After he showed some mild interest, he again went nowhere near the fountain and I thought that we were walking the same path as the first, but thank goodness he started drinking from it a day or so later, I'm so happy with the purchase now, especially as I am in the knowledge he is drinking water. It's extremely quiet, looks good and the cat likes it most importantly.
: 5/5
We all love it!
My previous cats never seemed to drink much water. I had never heard of cat fountains until we got two new kittens recently and I was browsing the web looking for goodies to spoil them rotten with! I saw the cat fountains and dismissed them thinking they were gimmicky. However, our two new little bundles of fluff and mischieviousness didn't seem to drink much either - or not from their bowls at least but as soon as we went to the loo they were in the bathroom asking for the taps to be turned on. I decided that a fountain might not be so gimmicky after all! After much searching and comparing, I decided I wanted not plastic (can cause cat acne, also potentially easier to knock over), not expensive (not convinced it's a gimmick) and not noisy (because it would be in my office where I spend most of my time and the kittens are generally wherever I am). I liked everything about the Lucky Kitty except the price. However, you get what you pay for and it would be cheaper to buy one good fountain that did the job no hassle than to get a cheaper one that I wasn't happy with and have to replace. And if they used it, it would be worth every penny. I decided to "splash out" on the Lucky Kitty. Well we just love it! It hasn't stopped the kittens coming to the bathroom asking for the taps to be turned on but they don't do it as much. They are always drinking from the fountain - from the spout, from the waterfall and from the puddle. They've just come back from a few days at the cattery and the first thing they did was head straight to their Lucky Kitty. It feels solid and sturdy so they don't knock it over but it's not too heavy to clean - no more than a small casserole dish. I was a bit wary about assembling it, it seemed a bit too easy but it really is - it's very simple. But best of all is the noise - or lack of it! It is super-quiet, I would say about half as quiet as the fan on my computer. Even when the computer is off, you can hardly tell the Lucky Kitty is running. So all in all, I highly recommend it.
: 5/5
Sleek looking!
I spent ages looking for a contemporary fountain and reading reviews, and I think this is definitely the most attractive on the market. It is very simple looking but classy, love the fact it's ceramic as it's a quality piece (the plastic ones are a nightmare to clean and can cause acne in cats, plus they do look cheap!) and it doesn't need filters....hurrah! You do need to put more water in than the instructions indicate though. Check if you turn it off that there is a reasonable pool of water in the 'splash pool' bit at the bottom so if you leave your house and the pump should fail, your cat will always have access to some water. One of my cats took to this immediately, the other has sniffed it (I only received it today. so early days). I'm already thinking of buying another one though! The only draw back to this is fitting the tube (very fiddly) and I'd have liked to have had a deeper splash pool area. Zooplus, please stock the funky mats and other accessories that they sell on the lucky kitty site, I'd like to buy everything from one place!
: 5/5
what a good buy
we needed a replacement for our cat's drinking fountain. But we wanted one that could be cleaned and set up quickly again with no fillters to mess with. The lucky kitty filled all our requirements and we were so supprised with the speed of the delivery service Thank you
: 5/5
Excellent! High quality, well-designed, stylish!
This is an excellent product and I'm delighted with it. I think ceramic is much much better than plastic for hygiene, and I'm happy that there's no filter as I believe they work out expensive in the long run and can potentially harbour bacteria. The Lucky Kitty fountain is perfect. It's designed specifically for cats, and it's beautifully simple, whilst also being very substantial and almost silent. It takes a little getting used to when fitting it together, but once you have the knack it's really easy and the cleaning is a 2 minute job - just take it apart, wipe, rinse and reassemble. It's a little more expensive than other fountains, but I think its quality makes it the best value for money. Worth every penny! :)
: 5/5
I eventually bought this fountain after trying virtually every other option for my extremely fussy cat. She used to be a bathroom tap drinker, wouldn't drink from a bowl. We tried another kind of fountain but it was very noisy and put her off. So when i saw this fountain and read the positive reviews i thought it looked perfect...and it is! She took to it right away, and drinks's amazing! I think she likes it because it feels like the ceramic of the sink. The fountain itself is very simple to put together, and also to take apart and clean. No filters to change, and it's so quiet you don't know it's there. Don't be put off by the price, this is a quality fountain, and i wish i had got it years ago.
: 5/5
2 years old and still going
Thought I would write the review as this has been a fantastic purchase. We have 7 cats so need lots of accessible water. The fountain has served well. I bought mine 2 years ago and it is still going strong. I do a proper clean of the pump fortnightly and in between change the water and just rinse the pump. Highly recommend as a good investment.
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