Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole
Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole

Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole

Guaranteed fun for you and your cat: a long feather boa with real feathers. Total length approx. 125cmfor further information...
Product description
very good: "Happy kitten"

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Product description

Guaranteed fun for you and your cat: a long feather boa with real feathers. Total length approx. 125cm

The Feather Boa Cat Dangler provides sensational fun with a hanging tail of marabou feathers. This toy helps fine tune your cat's instincts and concentration in a playful way. Your cat will have hours of fun chasing the tail through the air or batting at it on the floor. Ready, set... play!

Feather Boa Cat Dangler Pole:

  • Colour: green
  • Feather boa with real feathers
  • With solid plastic rod
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: approx. 125cm
    • Rod: length 46cm
    • Nylon band: approx. length 52cm
    • Feather boa: approx. length 15cm
Please note:
As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


Latest user reviews

: 4/5

My cat is feather mad!

Great product!. My cat is feather mad.. She bashes the hell out of this and the feathers haven't shed as yet!. She literally will play for hours. The only reason I haven given it 5 stars is because the string detached from the stick. Took me ages to fix it!. Otherwise its a great purchase
: 5/5

very good

Happy kitten
: 5/5

really good

My cats love it!!! they play all the time with it. the quality is really good as well. Try it!
: 5/5

My cat loves this toy

As soon as i bring it down from the cabinet she's immediatly into hunt mode. She's teared it up pretty good, trying to rip it apart to kill 'it' while the majority of the feathers have fallen off it's still holding up and still grabs her attention since i bought it a few months ago. Only negative thing i have to say is that you'll have small pieces of feather being stuck onto your carpet floor. Not a big issue as you can just hoover it up.
: 4/5

my boys went crazy

my 2 tom cats went mental for this toy. even the lazy one! However, it was destroyed in a couple of plays and now I have to "tape" the feather in every time I play with them. Its a wonderful tory but it really does not last, the quality could be improved. Its cheap so maybe it make up the poor quality ?
: 5/5

The only toy my cat likes

Got my kitten 2 days ago and is the only toy she likes and she has a lot of toys
: 4/5

fab ticklers

Kittens loved these, but wrecked them in no time. I bought a pack of two. Jajah in particular kept stealing it, and would entertain himself if I was not danglin it.
: 5/5

My cat even feeds it!

My two boys can't wait for play time with this dangler pole. One of them will accept no other toy. It must be the feather boa with elastic. When he's done playing, he always drags it into the kitchen and puts it in his food bowl.
: 5/5

One excited kitten

Bought this for our new kitten and she adores it. She leaps all over the place and has great fun pouncing and chewing it. I have noticed a lot of blue fluff being left behind and she also loves to chew the cord so not sure how long it will last but it was worth the price and will definitely replace when this one expires!
: 5/5


Bought a two-pack of these, and they're fab. You just can't go wrong and although my cat does like to shred them to pieces, these have actually lasted longer than many (do keep an eye to ensure cat doesn't swallow the fluff). Other good thing is that they're attached to an elastic thread, which is more fun and moves better than a lot of this style of toy where the feathery part is attached directly to the pole. Only slight negative is that you can't choose colour and I received a pair in hot pink which I fear will do nothing for my tom cat's macho image!!
: 4/5

Feather is great, elastic not so much...

My kitty LOVES the feather on this toy, and for a change it's really well fastened on to the string. The problem with this though is that the string is very elastic, which in my view is dangerous as he likes to run away with the feather, often stretching the elastic round his neck. Well we cut the string pretty quickly for safety and now he runs around with the feather as it is, and is very happy. Just a shame the string is so elastic, otherwise it's great.
: 5/5

Very popular

Our cat now demands to play with this all the time. It is hard to find places to hide it when we want a rest.
: 5/5

Persian delight

My Persian female cat who is mostly in-doors love this toy. Lots of exercise and she will demand I play with her for up to an hour every night when I try to watch TV. Forget scented mice and balls with bells - this is the business. Both of our outdoor cats love it too, but one chewed through the elastic - much rougher boys!
: 5/5

Durable and loved by my NFCs

Unlike another dangler I tried and found to my alarm easy to break; this one is tough and resilient which is needed for both my Norwegian Forest Cats as they like playing/chewing etc on all parts of the toy. Don't go for a cheaper less robust toy which I did and ended up throwing them away, it could end up costing you much more than the cost of the toy! This one is definitely worth getting for the cat who loves dangler toys.
: 5/5

One for the girls...

I bought 2 of these and its just as well, all of my 7 cats love it and we´ve had hours of fun playing, not as durable as some other danglers, I found the boys were a little rough and delighted in shredding the feathers and eating them :o so I don´t think this will last very long. However, my girls, who weren´t quite so impressed with some of the other danglers loved this and played for hours jumping and spinning, the feathery bit is quite big and they love to catch it and roll over with it and chew it. I´ll be stocking up on these in future!
: 5/5

Enough fun for 5 cats!

This is the one toy my cats go crazy for - we have replaced this toy 3 times so far and will soon be progressing to our 5th. Gives them plenty of exercise too as they play pretty vigorously with this toy - I have seen my cats leap 5 feet in the air and do a somersault on the way back down. Makes excellent watching too..
: 4/5

The only toy my cat likes

My indoor cat usually turns her nose up at toys. She always seems to prefer playing with the box they came in. This toy was the one exception. She loves it! The only negative is that she has chewed through the elastic in two places. No big deal, I've retied it. But it will have to be replaced pretty soon.