Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison

: 5/5
This cold-pressed dry dog food is rich in vital nutrients and the finest quality venison and duck. It contains plenty of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It is gluten-free with no chemical additives.for further information...
Product description
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison
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£4.60 / kg
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Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison

- 5kg

£4.60 / kg

Product description

This cold-pressed dry dog food is rich in vital nutrients and the finest quality venison and duck. It contains plenty of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It is gluten-free with no chemical additives.

Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison is made using only the very best ingredients. Innovation and know-how have been used to create this balanced and natural dry dog food, using over 50 years of experience producing cold-pressed food. The recipe is based on a combination of first-class animal protein, the best gluten-free carbohydrates and carefully selected plant-based components. Using cold-pressing to as a production method ensures the raw ingredients and well cared for and, by avoiding using steam and high temperatures, retains the nutrients and proteins. The raw ingredients are then mixed and formed into pellets. Secondary plant substances are included to promote a strong immune system and a healthy digestion.

Dried barbary duck meat and delicate, highly-digestible Red Deer venison are the main sources of protein and provide irresistible flavour as well as high-quality protein and energy. White fish and linseeds give this food a particularly high omega-3 and -6 unsaturated fatty acid content and promote healthy skin and coat. Red fruits and Yucca schidigera offers benefits for the immune system, bladder and digestive system. Natural green mineral soil is also included, as a silicon-rich mineral known for its health benefits. Green-lipped mussel extract (Perna canaliculus) is a natural source of glucosamine, which is important for joint mobility and promotes the preservation and elasticity of cartilage. Markus Mühle Red Deer Venison at a glance:

  • Cold-pressed premium dry dog food
  • Cold-pressing as a gentle production method: combining all the raw ingredients without the use of steam or high temperatures ensures the raw chunks maintain their structure, nutrients and proteins before being pressed into pellets. This production process also adds secondary plant substances that are vital for digestion and the immune system
  • Dried Red Deer venison: valuable and alternative protein source, which is highly accepted and easy to digest
  • Dried barbary duck: nutritious key protein source that is rich in energy
  • White fish: provides a balanced omega-6 and -3 content
  • Linseeds: increased content of unsaturated fatty acids, for healthy skin and fur
  • Gluten-free: exclusively contains gluten-free carbohydrates, for higher digestibility
  • Red fruits: rich in natural antioxidants for a healthy immune system and bladder, as well as containing vital vitamins and minerals
  • Yucca schidigera: prebiotics to help with digestion
  • Silica: offers a variety of health benefits and can strengthen skin, fur and bones
  • Green-lipped mussel extract: as a natural source of glucosamine and to help with joint and cartilage health
  • Pellet size: 1-2cm
The carefully-selected raw ingredients undergo a series of stringent quality controls. This ensures consistently high quality. The inclusion of natural nutrients and the innovative, gentle production method are part of this Westerwald business’s aims:
  • Entirely free from animal meal
  • Free from vegetable by-products such as bran, shells, soya and wheat extract, which have very little nutritional value
  • No genetically-modified ingredients
  • No chemical colours, attractants or preservatives
  • No non-organic minerals such as calcium carbonate or feeding lime
  • In chunks, to promote chewing and salivating
  • Gentle preparation of nutrients


Ground dried barbary duck meat (18%), ground brown rice, ground dried venison (9.4%), potato flakes, ground dried white fish (6.3%), ground millet, dried rice germ, gelatine, dried and ground red beetroot, dried and ground game bones, algae mix, green fish herbs, cold-pressed plant oil mix, linseeds, dry peat (2%), forest fruits (redcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, rosehips, cranberries) (2%), fennel seeds, dried and ground yucca schidigera, powdered egg yolk, silica (1.5%), muscle meat extract from green-lipped mussels (1.5%), green mineral soil

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A (10,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1000 IU), vitamin E [all-rac-alpha tocopheryl acetate] (200mg), vitamin B1 [thiamine mononitrat] (3.5mg), vitamin B2 [riboflavin] (7mg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride] (4.2mg), vitamin B12 (42mg), biotin [D-(+)-biotin] (210mg), folic acid (0.35mg), niacin (21mg), vitamin C [L-ascorbic acid] (140mg), pantothenic acid [calcium-D-pantothenate] (8mg), choline chloride (1500mg), trace elements: manganese [manganese-(II)-oxide] (48mg), copper [copper-(II)-oxide] (10mg), zinc [zinc oxide] (120mg), iron [iron-(III)-oxide] (200mg).

Analytical constituents

protein25.3 %
fat10.2 %
fibre5.5 %
ash6.9 %
calcium1.34 %
phosphorus1.1 %
magnesium0.07 %
sodium0.34 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

Maxrkus Mühle Red Deer Venison is a complete dry dog food.

Dog’s weight Amount per day
2kg 50g
5kg 100g
7kg 130g
10kg 170g
15kg 260g
20kg 290g
25kg 320g
30kg 380g
35kg 420g
40kg 460g
45kg 510g
50kg 545g
60kg 630g
70kg 710g
80kg 785g


Latest user reviews

18/06/23|Nick O'Leary
: 5/5
Have 2 Dogue de Bordeaux’s, one is very fussy. Tried this food in two different flavours. Empty bowls every time. All the benefits of raw in a pellet.
: 5/5
Cold Pressed is the Best
My fussy Staffy x Bulldog 12 year old girl absolutely loves it.Highly recommended with a dash of water for her teeth.If thinking about changing from raw to cold pressed I recommend it.Less hassle similar benefits.Shop baked kibble is awful for dogs so stop wasting money on it.
01/07/22|Amanda Binnington
: 5/5
Highly recommended
I purchased this when looking for a cheaper cold pressed food alternative for my 2 german shepherds. I love the idea of cold pressed as opposed to dry food where so much goodness is lost in the dehydration process. The last UK made food was also excellent but twice the price so I was a little dubious about need whatsoever.! I have one dog that suffers with an extremely sensitive stomach but this caused him no problems at all during the switchover and they both absolutely love it..
02/11/16|Mrs Jane Cottrell
: 5/5
Yum Yum !!!
My very active working cocker adores this food! She is so excited at every mealtime. Her coat is so shiny after only a few weeks on this food and she looks so healthy. Would recommend it to anyone,