Gourmet Perle Cat Food

Gourmet Perle cat food is an exquisite taste experience for your cat. This delicious wet cat food is available in a wide selection of flavours so you can offer your cat plenty of variety at mealtimes. The selected ingredients and great-tasting meat and fish, enriched with essential minerals, is enough to make any cat’s heart beat a little faster.

    2 products
    2 products

    Your cat will adore this sumptuous complete wet cat food, delicately cooked in a mouth-watering sauce and full of vital beneficial nutrients. This varied menu will satisfy even the fussiest of cats.

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    4 Varieties from
    Chef’s Collection
    £5.29£5.19 / kg
    Country Medley in Jelly
    £5.29£5.19 / kg
    Ocean Delicacies
    £5.29£5.19 / kg
    Delicious Meat Duo
    £5.29£5.19 / kg

    Gourmet cat food in a money-saving jumbo pack. This balanced and tasty wet food is available in 4 varieties with pieces of meat or fish cooked in a delicious and flavoursome sauce.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    2 Varieties from
    Chef's Collection
    £20.49£4.02 / kg
    Ocean Collection
    £20.49£4.02 / kg

    Gourmet Perle Cat Food

    Let your cat sink its teeth into this irresistible Gourmet Perle cat food!

    Gourmet Perle cat food offers luxury nutrition for your cat, with irresistible flavour and truly something for everyone! No cat can be disappointed with the great range of ingredients, tastes and variety offered by Gourmet Perle cat food.
    This Gourmet Perle cat food collection is made with selected ingredients and tasty meat and fish, enriched with essential minerals to ensure all round health and well-being. Your cat won’t be able to resist! These tasty pouches are also available in mixed packs, for the cat that loves variety!
    Choose from a range of meat, fish and poultry varieties, all offering premium quality and luxurious flavour, so that even the gourmand feline will be satisfied!

    Take a look at the full selection of Gourmet Perle Cat Food available here at bitiba:

    • It is designed to meet the needs of variety-loving cats, so can be bought separately or in cleverly concocted collections:
      • Seaside Duo: a range of tasty fish, including tuna, sardines and salmon, this selection is ideal for the fish loving feline! It contains essential vitamins and minerals and keeps your cat both happy and healthy.
      • Delicious Meat Duo: if your cat is more a fan of meat than fish, then this tasty selection combines two meaty flavours in every dish. With Duck & Liver or Turkey & Lamb as just some of the options, your cat’s mouth will be watering before every meal!
      • Chef’s Collection: simple but satisfying - duck, turkey, lamb and tuna means that there is something to tickle every fancy, and to keep your cat guessing at every mealtime. This tasty meat is enrobed in a delicious gravy that is rich and fulfilling.
      • Country Medley in Jelly: this dish has a tasty twist - each variety is encased in a juicy jelly! It helps ensure a well-rounded, complete and balanced nutrition as well as a happy cat!
      • Ocean Specials: because everything tastes better with shrimp! These varieties all combine a tasty fish choice with shrimps, for full flavour and ultimate enjoyment.
    • Gourmet Perle is also available in a range of other complete, balanced and nutritious flavours with tasty fillets combining with vegetables and nutrients for the best possible eating experience at every meal. Here are just a few of the options available:
      • Chicken Fillets
      • Rabbit Fillets
      • Duetto di Carne with Veal & Duck
      • Salmon & Pollock
      These tasty options are all combined with a rich gravy, to keep your cat happy every time!

    Take a look at the complete collection of Gourmet cat food available at bitiba!

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