IAMS Large Dog Food

IAMS Large Dog foods are especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of large breeds. These dog foods offer balanced nutrition with added ingredients to support joint health, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, and their reduced fat formula help to ensure your large dog maintains a healthy weight.
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    3 products

    WHolesome dry dog food with 77% animal protein including fresh chicken, designed to support the 7 signs of healthy vitality and with a delicious recipe that is easy to digest and nutritious.

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    Wholesome dry food for large breed puppies, with 81% animal protein and fresh chicken in a wheat-free recipe designed to support brain development and healthy growth, with no artificial flavours.

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    Senior dog food in a balanced kibble, designed to promote healthy digestion, strong bones and smooth joints, with 78% animal protein and fresh chicken in a wheat-free recipe.

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    IAMS Large Breed Dog Food

    Big dogs need bigger nutrition.

    IAMS Large Breed Dog

    Large breed dogs have different energy requirements that regular dog food does not always meet. In particular the rapid growth of larger breeds can put strain on your dog's joints. Iams Large Breed dry dog food contains a special formula for Joint Management, which helps promote healthy joint cartilage and prevents strain on joints. Large breed dogs also have large appetites to match, but this can also lead to excess weight gain, which isn't good for your dog or its joints! This specialised dog food has a reduced fat content to help your dog maintain an ideal bodyweight while also providing tailored nutrition for growth and development.

    IAMS Large Breed dog food is perfect for dogs weighing over 25kg.

    There is also a specialised IAMS Puppy & Junior Large dog food, designed to support your large breed dog from three weeks of age.

    Junior large breed dogs grow particularly fast and this places special demands on their diet. Too rapid growth can often lead to joint problems, which is why IAMS Puppy & Junior Large Breed dog food contains less fat, for optimal weight gain and balanced growth. Protein and calcium contents have been adjusted to provide the ideal amounts for this period of growth and support the development of muscles and bones. In addition, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate promote the healthy development of bones and joints.

    Why not view our entire selection of Large Breed Dog Food at bitiba.co.uk?

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