Pedigree Senior Dog Food & Treats

Pedigree offers a selection of affordable, great-tasting dry food and treats designed to support the health of senior dogs.
4 products
4 products
Pedigree Senior 8+ Complete - Vital Protection Chicken

This complete dry dog food is rich in meat chunks, with tender chicken for valuable protein and enriched with an extensive range of nutrients needed for comprehensive canine health in older age.

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£16.19£2.16 / kg
Pedigree Senior Pouch in Jelly Multipack

Complete wet dog food for senior dogs, available in 4 tasty flavour varieties and 100% balanced. Chicken, beef, poultry or lamb combine with calcium in tasty jelly, with no sugar or additives.

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12 x 100g
£4.29£3.58 / kg
Multibuy: 24 x 100g
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Light and lasting chewing fun, ideal for medium dogs. The special texture and active ingredients of Pedigree Dentastix help to reduce plaque and tartar.

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5 Sticks
£1.69£1.32 / 100g
28 Sticks
£7.49£1.04 / 100g
56 Sticks
£11.29£0.78 / 100g
Multibuy: 2 x 56 Sticks
individually priced £22.58Now£21.49£0.75 / 100g

Dental care snacks for dogs, helping to reduce the build up of plaque and with a flexible structure that encourages long-lasting chewing, developed by vets and adapted to medium sized dogs.

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£1.29£1.61 / 100g
Multibuy: 9 x 80g
individually priced £11.61Now£10.99£15.26 / kg