Purina ONE Adult Cat Food

Purina ONE dry cat food contains valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your adult cat, as well as the special Purina ONE Actilea formula, which has been specially developed to encourage optimum health. Its 3 key ingredients - yeast, prebiotics and antioxidants - start working in the gut and can have overall health benefits, supporting your cat's immune system and activating her natural defences. Purina ONE dry food for adult cats offers a complete, balanced diet made with quality ingredients.
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    2 products

    Divine dry food for adult cats, with Bifensis Dual Defence, that supports natural antibody production, supple skin and shiny fur. This scientifically proven formula meets your cat’s nutritional needs.

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    Innovative dry food for adult cats. With Bifensis Dual Defense, scientifically proven to aid natural antibody production, healthy skin and shiny fur. Also helps reduce tartar build-up by up to 40%.

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