Whiskas Dry Cat Food

The selection of foods from Whiskas offers everything your cat loves. With Whiskas a great variety on your cat's menu is in the bag! Whiskas dry meals are made with quality protein-rich meat, natural oils and minerals like Taurine (for healthy eyesight), Vitamins A, E and D3, and because any crunch-crazy cat wants crunchy vegetables too, you’ll find we’ve included carrots and peas to get her purring with delight.
3 products
3 products

Once your cat hits the age of 12 months, this chicken-rich nugget dish is the perfect delicious and nutritious meal, helping dental health & overall wellbeing, whilst also being an irresistible feast!

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Whiskas 1+ Lamb

Ideal for adult cats aged over 12 months old, this complete, balanced dry food supports healthy urinary function. Now with even more crunchy, lamb-filled nuggets, which help to promote dental health.

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Ideal for growing cats aged 2-12 months old, this complete dry food is very well-accepted. With a high energy content and easily-digestible protein, this kibble promotes healthy development.

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