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Hay & Straw

Dried hay can be an important part of some small pets' diets and makes a great replacement for fresh grass in the winter months. Hay and straw can also make great bedding for your pet

Hay & Straw:

Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay

9.49 28.49 GBP 3
(£2.37 / kg)
(£1.45 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg
individually priced £28.98
Now £28.49
(£1.42 / kg)

Greenwoods Meadow Hay 3kg

10.99 10.99 GBP 1
3 x 1kg Dandelion
(£3.66 / kg)

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay

14.99 14.99 GBP 1
(£5.00 / kg)

Natural Meadow Hay

16.99 16.99 GBP 1
(£1.42 / kg)

Natural Hemp Bedding Siccofloor

14.69 14.69 GBP 1
150l (approx. 14kg)
RRP*  £16.41
Our Price  £14.69
(£0.99 / kg)

Chipsi Ultra Pet Litter

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
10l (4.5kg)
(£0.50 / l)

Porta Pellis Straw Pellets

13.79 13.79 GBP 1
60l (approx. 25kg)
(£0.23 / l)
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Hay & Straw for Small Pets

Must-have staples for your small pet!

Hay and straw are two of the basics when it comes to small pets. Straw is a perfect natural nesting material for rabbits or guinea pigs and provides ideal insulation for outdoor hutches. Straw works fantastically as bedding or a ground covering and is simply perfect for burrowing and hiding in.
Hay is a staple food for many small pets and is a great substitute for fresh grass. Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small pets love fragrant, soft hay. It helps to wear down growing teeth, so they don't get too long and provides plenty of nutrition too! Your small pet will love our different varieties of handpicked, loosely packed meadow hay!

You will find a selection of our most popular gerbil food products here:

  • Natural straw & Straw pellets: Choose from traditional natural straw or straw pellets for a perfect bedding and nesting material for your small pet's cage or hutch. The straw is not chemically treated, making it great for your pet to nibble on as well. Straw is naturally absorbent and also acts as a great insulator for our small pet to nest in. Covering the floor of your rabbit or guinea pig's hutch during the colder months is perfect for keeping them warm.
  • Hay: Our hay varieties are full of a variety of grasses and herbs that are rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It helps improve your small pet's vitality, while also preventing the rapid growth of their teeth. Hay is the "daily bread" of all small pets and at bitiba you can choose from a vast selection of different of meadow hay - with wild grass and dandelion. The hay is carefully dried and loosely packed to prevent any build up of moisture or dust and also to avoid nutrients being destroyed by persistent rain or exposure to the sun.

Spoil your small pet! Why not browse our selection of small pet food and other small pet accessories at .

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