Trixie Cotton Perch

Size S
: 5/5
Flexible perch made from twisted cotton that attaches to the cage. For canaries, cockatiels and small parrots.for further information...
Product description
Trixie Cotton Perch
Trixie Cotton Perch
Trixie Cotton Perch
Trixie Cotton Perch
Trixie Cotton Perch
Trixie Cotton Perch
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Product description

Flexible perch made from twisted cotton that attaches to the cage. For canaries, cockatiels and small parrots.

Birds just love these cotton perches because they give and move like branches in the wind, inspiring the impression of the bird's natural environment. Through the twisted cable, every part of the cotton perch is strong, which exercises the bird's feet. Thanks to the Trixie Cotton Perch, perching just became a whole lot more fun.

There is a wire running through the centre of the rope that enables you to shape it according to individual preferences and that prevents sagging. The practical screw pieces at the ends of the perch allow you to attach to the bars of the wires in whichever position you prefer.

Trixie Cotton Perch at a glance:


  • Size S:
    • Total length (max. rope length, (with plastic attachment): approx. 37.5cm
    • Rope length (no plastic attachment): approx. 31cm
    • Rope thickness: diameter 16mm
    • Variable attachment placement, max. distance: L 35cm
    • For bars that are max. 3.5mm thick
    • Suitable for: budgies or canaries
  • Size M:
    • Total length (max. rope length, (with plastic attachment): approx. 66cm
    • Rope length (no plastic attachment): approx. 56.5cm
    • Rope thickness: diameter 18mm
    • Variable attachment placement, max. distance: L 62cm
    • For bars that are max. 6mm thick
    • Suitable for: cockatiels or small parrots

Please note: Colour may differ from illustration.

Please note: This product is not a toy and is only suitable as a perch. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the product if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
I wasn't expecting these to be as strong as they are, but they're really sturdy and take a fair amount of force to turn into shape. I have a bunch of these in both sizes and I love them. Will definitely have to get more to really fill up my cage!
: 5/5
I have a rescue African Ringneck Parakeet who really like's his first rope perch.
: 5/5
going to buy another
This is a super perch. It's a lot easier to bend in to shape than most of the rope perches you can buy but is still strong enough to hold its shape. I bought the small one but I am going to order the big as well as I'm very happy with this product. Great value!
: 5/5
Fantastic perches
I have bought a lot of these perches over the past few years for my pet rats. They make fantastic toys for the cage, encouraging my rats to climb around the cage. Every rat I've had enjoys using them. They are always of good quality and easy to attach to the cages.
: 5/5
great perch
My two love this and tend to like hanging upside down off this whilst yelling at thier other toys
: 5/5
Another great product!
I have four of the larger ones for my two rats. They are perfect for them and provide lots of fun. Great quality, great length, and the price is just amazing, these are the cheapest around by far. Definatlely recommened.
: 5/5
great perch
great perch i use them in all of my cages great for all birds.
: 5/5
Different perch..
Saw this when I went onto the bird section while looking for my daughter's canary's favourite bird food. When the perch first arrived and put into this cage, Spike, was a bit nervous, but that didn't last long and now uses it as his favourite roost and preens himself and even takes a nap on it! A favourite 'toy' for a very spoiled bird.. Would buy again. :-)
: 5/5
perfect cotton perch
all my baby budgies love these I have purchased quite a few & place them in varying positions in the cages for the babies to reach or fly further upto easy to fix they are SUPER!
: 5/5
Brilliant - A Must Have Product
My wife has just started breeding budgies and we purchased this product in both sizes. The birds love them and prefer them to the dowling perches we put up in our aviary. It's great to see them so happy and we will be ordering more quite soon.
: 5/5
I'm very happy with this product! I wish I bought the longer one instead, thou. I will be ordering more of these in very near future.
: 5/5
trixie cotton perch review
good value and very strong and will always buy off zoo plus because they are very sterdy and never snap like a wodden perch
: 5/5
Comfortable and versatile
My budgies and cockatiel love these perches! I have a few different sizes and they're all good. You can do more with the longer ones, however. They are quite soft compared to wooden perches so must be more comfortable for the feet.
: 5/5
Fantastic =)
bought 2 of these 4 my african grey CoCo... He loves them... Also these r sooooo expensive everywhere else, Zooplus is the cheapest by far, wot a wonderfull website.. Thank u v.much Zoopluss =)
: 5/5
Great Purchase
I bought this rope perch for my cockatiels new cage & I think it's a great product. It's very sturdy & is also longer than it looks in the picture. Great for any bird cage.
: 5/5
Great for birdy feet
I've got both sizes for my budgies and my canary. My budgies much prefer this one now to their normal dowel perch so i placed a few more in my order for outside perches for them.
: 5/5
Trixie Cotton Perch
Thanks again really are the best. Got this lovely colourful rope perch yesterday and put it in my Alfie's cage. It instantly became his favourite perch. He looked so comfortable on it. Such a fantastic price as well. Will have to order another soon. Fantastic customer service as well. Highly recommended.
: 5/5
great for birds
got the cotton perches for my birds the are great you can put the perches any where. great price to
: 5/5
Amazing value for a great toy!
I bought this for my degus to practice their balance on and it is a good toy for entertainment too (though i don't hold out too much hope for the plastic connectors) unfortunately, I bought mine from a local pet shop for £6.99, go zooplus!
: 5/5
Excellent product for rats
I bought the smaller one of these for my rats, and I'm really impressed with its quality. I should have bought the larger one, really, and will do at a later date, as the rats love the one they have and it's very well made.
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