Lacks consistency

My cats either love this or hate it. It is their favourite food by far, but each time I order I have to wait and see if it's a new batch and whether they will eat the new batch! I wish it was more consistent. I have wasted so much money on this product (and all feringa products). I have to order in the hope that the batch has changed at £4.99 as a trial to see if the new batch is in and whether or not they will even eat it. Zooplus cannot tell me when a new batch is in so I can order it.

it smells really bad

At the beginning I was quite enthusiastic when I saw the texture and my cat ate a little bit of it (tried the poultry one). But then my entire apartment smelled like decomposing garbage. It was absolutely unbearable even with open windows. If my cat would eat a bowl in one sitting maybe it wouldn't be that bad... but she's not that sort of a cat. So I won't open the next can. the ingredients and texture seem appealing, but if you can't feed it to cats outdoors..

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