04/04/22 | Jackie young

Best tree ever

I've got 2 of these trees, and just ordered one for my mate. I've got one by my terrace door and one between my front windows. To Make these trees extra stable is with a wall stabilizer under the top basket. My cats love them

Very sturdy

This is a very sturdy cat tree. I have big heavy British blues and needed something that could take their weight. Really pleased with it.
01/07/21 | Shay

Doesn't last

Looked great initially! However, the wicker baskets don't last long and look scruffy quickly if you have more than one cat, and the top half wobbled horrendously even when tightened. It was out of public view, so to speak, but the safety aspect with the top half threatening to topple meant it had to go to the tip. For the money I've spent on this, I've found much better elsewhere. The cats did like the scratchy bit but again, it looked scruffy very quickly & they lost interest. Disappointing.
12/28/20 | Jacqui

Flower XXL Cat Tree

My cats love their new tree. It looks very smart. Very sturdy. Stands up well to both cats scrambling on it at the same time. Only downside is the flower beds. Both cats chew the edges a lot. I have made teddy fleece covers to protect all 3 beds and the leaf perch. Looks just as fab with them on.
09/10/20 | Andy Hall

Exceptional, simple and elegant

Anyone can put this together. Read and understand the drawings, check parts, do it. It's heavy, so maybe use two people but I put it together on my own in 15 minutes. It is very well made, sturdy and lovely looking worth every penny. Takes up much less space than any other cat tower I've seen. Mia Gatita absolutely loves it. She had one of those chipboard and cardboard towers for a couple of years, but this is more her style. She was trying to get up it while it was still being built!

Nightmare to put together Avoid unless you’re a DIY expert

We bought this for our two Bengals as they are excellent jumpers and climbers and loved the cups on their old cat tree now worn out. Fitting the stalk to the base Was easy and very sturdy. However fitting the two part of the stem together was a complete nightmare. Like others have mentioned it is very hard to do. At first it would not fit at all and then when it did it was so wobbly . We struggled for several hours and thought we would have to return it. Eventually achieved success.
07/22/20 | Sarah Hirst

Lovely product but lost tool to tighten and so now unstable

My cat adores this tree. She spens hours in it. Unfortunately I have lost the tool to tighten it and it's now very wobbly. I have emailed customer service to see if they can supply another. Fingers crossed as it now feels unsafe to use. My cat has jumped in it so much and when tightened it is sturdy.
02/26/20 | Trish Challans

Problem attaching the main stem

Hi just took delivery of this cat tower and we have a problem joining the top stem, cannot get it to tighten up. So fixed the beds etc but when my cat climbs up it it is wobbling all over. Anyone else had this problem, or any help would be appreciated. Trish
12/28/19 | Lloyd and Samantha

Top quality!

We are so pleased with this cat tree, It's very large and looks lovely in our living room. One question though, do Bitiba sell covers for the three beds? Our cat started chewing the edge of one of them. I have draped tee towels over them to stop her ruining them.

Hard for cats to get down

I love the look of this cat tree and was easy enough to put together. There are 3 rag dolls in my house and I thought it would be perfect to have 1 bed each but unfortunately for a cat to get down they need to jump on the beds. So at the moment 2 of the cats are really struggling getting up and down (never have been good climbers) Only the kitten is braving the top bed. Shame I really like the look of this tree.
08/29/19 | INDI

super pleased

not only was it reduced to £109, but as a new member i got a discount to bring it down to £86. (its about £145 on amazon) it arrived really quick - 2 days. and most importantly its internal metal poles are very strong. it will take 2 people to hold and twist the heavy branches but its quick to assemble. package weighs 28kg! it looks very tasteful and is just over 6ft tall. perfect. now i just need my cat to go on it!
08/19/19 | Keith Burton

A very good buy

A quality product right down to the dangly toys and this cannot be said about a lot of the towers on the market. Two people are required to fix the bottom 'stem' to the base and this is quite fiddly, however the rest is easy apart from the cat clambering over the thing while your trying to put it up. There must be a fair bit of cat-nip on it because we couldn't keep the moggy away. She loves it and it's so much more aesthetic than others we've had. A good purchase.
01/11/19 | Fi

Furbaby heaven

My moggies love this tree - slightly fiddly to join top and bottom tree sections on your own - 2 ppl would be easier - but everyone whose seen it says WOW - spoilt moggies lol
01/07/19 | linda

happy cats

i bought this tree as we have a new puppy and he was chasing my two cats, they love it, its a sancuary for them.nice size baskets, and sturdy enough for my tom cat, 6kg. seemed expensive to me, but worth every penny, looks great too!
09/15/18 | Miriam


This cat tree is amazing: it is quite easy to assemble (but it's a job for 2 people), it is solid and all covered in scratching material, it almost reaches the ceiling and it is very beautiful, it fits with the furniture. I cannot say yet about our cat because she is being rehomed here and we are just preparing the house for her, but I am sure she will love it! I also really like the baits!
08/19/18 | Celia

could not be better

The tree trunk was made and one of my cats sat in a flower and stayed in it while it was lifted and added on. For days and nights both cats slept or bird watched through the window in the tree and only came down for meals etc and went straight back up. This left me alone in my bed. What a treat. No more high jinks waking me up. 4 months on and they still love their tree and spend their nights in it. Bliss.
08/16/18 | Lee Hughes

Very sturdy

Looked at lots of cat trees and compared prices etc and settled for this one. We’ve got six cats and they all want their own space. This looks great, well made and I’m sure once winter comes it’ll be a hit! It will definitely last a long time compared to cheaper ones


Very good service and the flower tree arrived very quickly. Good quality and my cats love it
02/06/16 | Emilia

coolest cat tree

This is the coolest cat tree ever! looks amazing, placed it by the window so my cat can look out, still working on it though. very happy with my purchase.

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