10/13/15 | Ada


Hi, I'm a little boxer doggie aged 8 months. My master decided to start feeding me this food about 2 months ago. It's great, they're just so tasty!! I don't leave a single scrap in my bowl and I find this food much easier to eat. I don't get embarrassing wind anymore, which is actually a shame as I loved to do that whenever my master gave me a cuddle!! My coat has become very silky and shiny and I don't shed it anymore! I also have a very slender athletic figure. In short since I started eating this food I look just beautiful! I recommend this for all my boxer doggie friends! A+ Woof.


Best product

Since my 10-month old boxer has been eating this, he doesn't have any problems with his digestion anymore. I'd recommend this to anyone!

04/28/14 | Laurie

Great nosh for Boxers!

My one year old Boxer was on another high quality food from another brand but was looking a bit 'ribby' so I moved her onto this food. She is looking fantastic after 2 months on this food. Shiny coat, great muscle coverage plus, she loves it! No need to add tinned meat to make it more palatable. I'm sticking with this until she is ready for the adult version. Highly recommended.



hello I've just started buying this dog food and it's such a relief. My dog has much less wind and better digestion, a shinier, softer coat, and less shedding. A much better result for this 4-legged glutton.