04/20/21 | Alistair Nelson

The best quality dry dog food

If you bring up your pet on this they will look forward to every single munch so no need to supplement with wet meats but I find that if they take a mood not to eat it immedialtely then a single thin slice of chopped ham mixed into it will entice them to empty the dish tottally


super product

I have always used royal canin,my cavaliers love it. My dogs have always done well on it and I particularly like the breed food for cavaliers. I started my puppy on the junior and at 10 months has just gone onto adult,he really loves it.I would'nt use anything else


Very Tastey for My Dog

My dog was a fussy eater until we discovered this product, she has been on Royal Canin for years and loves it. bitiba prices are very competitve and they give excellent service.