07/08/20 | Caroline Tannetta


I have 4 dachshunds and they all love his food, I recently adopted a rescue and since changing her to this food, her coat is so shiny. I would recommend this to anyone with a special breed. I would also recommend Bitiba, I have been buying regularly with them, brilliant prices and service.



Thank you for your delivery so promptly

10/14/18 | Pauline


Prompt good service. Will use again.

02/20/18 | Richard Hopkins

Top Value

Was a little sceptical mainly due to the price ( much cheaper than competitors ) but was very pleasantly surprised by the whole buying experience from start to finish . 1st class transaction and will be ordering again

10/13/15 | Mandy

even for finicky tastes

this food is very eagerly eaten by a very picky dachshund, he tolerates it very well. The coat is super in the texture, the smell of poop very good (considering) and there is no bloating. So, overall a great food and obviously perfect for my dachshund :-)


Very well tolerated

I've tried a number of supposedly high-quality brands, but on each he responded with 3-4 large and sometimes very soft piles. Now with this food everything is super. Two small solid clumps per day, no grass eating and she does not smell from the mouth and the skin shines super.



I have 3 Dachshunds who have only eaten Royal Canin since pups I have tried other foods if I run out but they turn their noses up and refuse to eat it. They are in fantastic health and full of energy with beautiful sleek and shinny coats. I would recommend Royal Canin to all dog owners, my mum has just changed to this for her Boxer and has seen a big difference after just a month


Best product ever

I have 4 dachshund and never use other food that Royal Canin Dachshund. The dogs love it and I never had any problem with it.


Dachshund Boris

Our dachshund has been getting RC food several years now and can digest it very well. Previously we had to add a separate powder for his delicate joints and after serious spinal injury. But now all of this is included in the Royal Canin Dachshund. We are very happy with it. And now the most important thing: his bowl is always empty in no time.