09/10/15 | samantha Alexander

Did the trick!

I was having behaviour issues with a few of my cats, I have 5! My Exotic Persian started spraying which was unusual for her, I bought this and there was an instant change in all my cats, harmony is gracing itself in my house again. I got some spray too but I would definitely recommend this if your cats are having tantrums.

Great stuff.

I have used this product for many years for various situations. I have 2 cats and it really helps to keep them both calm in stressful situations. I have recently adopted a main coon and it’s important for all my cats to get along with each other and feliway does its task perfectly (it doesn't work instantly). Even though it’s a bit expensive, it's well worth the money.

has no smell, calms the cat!

A few weeks ago we adopted 2 year-old Persian who was pretty shy and quiet and would not allow us to pet her. We wanted her to get used to a new environment as soon as possible and we bought feliway diffuser, assuming that this would help her adjust to our home. On the same night she felt very comfortable and wasn’t nervous. She even let us stroke her and sat on my knees. Feliway certainly seems to have done the trick and we're just delighted with the results.

It really works!

When I brought my cat home, she did not even intend to leave her travel basket and was pretty nervous. I decided to purchased the Feliway diffuser and plugged it in one week. I also sprayed Feliway spray inside her basket and I could not believe how it worked. Her Behaviour changed gradually and now I have a very loving and calm kitty. I would strongly recommend Feliway for nervous cats, this product is a miracle!

nice one

The Feliway spray works really well, my cat stopped scratching as soon as I used this product. One big advantage is that it will save your furniture!

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