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Cosma Nature 6 x 70g

Product description

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Tuna with Beef
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Product description

This premium supplementary wet food for cats contains 75% tender meat or succulent fish combined with top quality natural ingredients slowly cooked in their own juices for a tasty and nutritious meal.
Cosma Nature offers a tasty supplementary wet food for adult cats in a wide range of mouth-watering flavours. All of the ingredients are tenderly cooked in their own juices, maintaining their natural flavours and nutrients – a delight for your cat.
This complimentary wet cat food from Cosma Nature has an exceptionally high 75% meat or fish content. Varieties include delicious tuna, tender chicken fillet, chicken breast and flavoursome salmon, also available in combination with tasty shrimps and cheese. Cosma Nature is a premium quality wet cat food and made to standards applicable to human nutrition. Let your nose be the test of Cosma’s great quality: open a can of Cosma Nature and sniff the contents gently. You will notice how natural and appetising this cat food smells and looks and your cat will definitely be of the same opinion.

Cosma Nature in a nutshell:

  • Wholesome, fresh ingredients cooked in their natural juices: preserves the nutrients and makes for a succulent meal
  • 75% high meat content: provides your carnivorous cat with lots of species-appropriate proteins
  • Free from additives: each recipe is 100% free from any artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings
  • Supplementary wet cat food for adult cats
  • Suitable for sensitive cats: Cosma Nature is made from a few carefully selected ingredients, making it ideal for fussy cats or those with food intolerances
  • Easy to digest
  • Extensive range of flavours to choose from

Cosma Nature complimentary wet food provides your cat with a species-appropriate meal and there is a tasty selection of flavours to choose from:

  • Mix 1: 1 can each of Skipjack Tuna, Chicken Fillet, Salmon, Tuna with Shrimps, Chicken Breast with Tuna, Chicken with Chicken Ham
  • Mix 2: 1 can each of Pacific Tuna, Tuna with Anchovy, Chicken Breast with Shrimps, Chicken with Tuna & Cheese, Tuna with Lamb, Tuna with Beef
  • Chicken Fillet - tender chicken fillet for cats that love pure meat
  • Skipjack Tuna - juicy light coloured tuna, the classic choice
  • Pacific Tuna - delicious light and dark tuna meat
  • Tuna with Anchovy - tasty tuna with whole anchovies
  • Chicken with Tuna & Cheese - tasty tuna, tender chicken and yummy cheese
  • Salmon - delicate pieces of delicious salmon
  • Chicken Breast with Tuna - a tasty duo of tender chicken and light tuna chunks
  • Chicken with Chicken Ham - tender chicken with hearty chicken ham
  • Tuna with Shrimps - strips of light tuna with shrimps
  • Tuna with Lamb - delicious tuna with tender lamb
  • Tuna with Beef - delicious tuna with hearty beef

Cosma Nature – a natural, pure delight for your cat!



Chicken Fillet (supplementary food):
75% chicken fillet, 1% rice, 24% chicken stock

Skipjack Tuna (supplementary food):
75%  Skipjack tuna, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Pacific Tuna (supplementary food):
75% Pacific tuna, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Tuna with Anchovy (supplementary food)
71% Tuna, 4% anchovies, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Chicken with Tuna & Cheese (supplementary food):
44% Chicken breast, 27% tuna, 4% cheese, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Salmon (supplementary food):
75% salmon, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Chicken Breast with Shrimps (supplementary food):
55% chicken breast, 20% shrimps, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Chicken Breast with & Tuna (supplementary food):
48% Chicken breast, 27.4% tuna, 1.4% rice, 23.2% fish stock

Chicken with Chicken Ham (supplementary food):
70% chicken, 5% chicken ham, 1% rice, 24% chicken stock

Chicken with Cheese (supplementary food):
70% Chicken, 5% cheese, 1% rice, 24% chicken stock

Tuna with Shrimps (supplementary food):
55% tuna, 20% shrimps, 1% rice, 24% fish stock

Tuna with Lamb (supplementary food):
71% tuna, 24% fish stock, 4% lamb, 1% rice

Tuna with Beef (supplementary food):
71% tuna, 24% fish stock, 4% beef, 1% rice

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Cosma Nature is a supplementary wet food for adult cats.
Feed each cat 2 - 3 cans per day in at least 2 separate meals, in addition to a complete food. Serve at room temperature. Always ensure plenty of fresh drinking water is available. Keep opened cans in the fridge and use within 24 hours.


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