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thrive Cat Treats Maxi Tube - Tuna

Product description

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Product description

Freeze-dried cat treats made from 100% sustainably caught tuna. Grain and gluten-free, these cat snacks are gently processed to retain the delicious taste and vital nutrients. Free from all additives.
Only the best for your cat. thrive freeze-dried Cat Treats Maxi Tube Tuna are not only delicious for your cat, they also smell great and are super healthy! These healthy snacks are made with 100% Atlantic-Tuna from sustainable fisheries. The snack is gently freeze-dried to ensure none of the important nutrients and proteins are lost. This also means that the unforgettable aroma of the fish and the taste are preserved, which undoubtedly improves the experience for your cat. thrive snacks are completely grain and gluten-free, which makes this special treat suitable for almost every cat. Furthermore, no additives and colours are used, which means that the product only contains pure, wild tuna.

The so-called “pole and line” method is the most sustainable method in fishing, as it doesn’t involve using large nets. Because every fish is caught individually, it ensures that no other unwanted fish like dolphins and other marine life are harmed.

thrive freeze-dried Cat Treats Maxi Tube Tuna at a glance:

  • Grain-free premium treat for cats
  • Freeze-dried: preserves nutrients and the natural aroma
  • 100% Atlantic Tuna from sustainable, dolphin-safe fishing
  • Fished using the “pole and line” method. The most sustainable method as no large nets are used
  • Irresistibly delicious: natural taste and genuine, fresh aroma provide an outstandingly exciting snack-experience
  • No artificial additives, taste enhancers or colour, no added sugar


100% tuna (freeze-dried)

Analytical constituents

protein 87.3 %
fat 1.3 %
fibre 0.1 %
ash 3.9 %
protein 87.3 %
fat 1.3 %
fibre 0.1 %
ash 3.9 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Can be fed as a snack anytime. Always provide fresh water.


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