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Purina ONE Sensitive Adult Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food

Product description

Purina ONE Sensitive Adult Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food 5 8
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Product description

Cat food with digestible turkey for cats with nutritional sensitivities or finicky tastes, with reduced sources of protein and especially high-quality ingredients. Dual Defense Bifensis ingredients.
Purina ONE Sensitive - Rich in Turkey & Rice is a complete dry cat food which has been formulated to specifically address the needs of choosy cats and those which suffer from sensitive digestions or food intolerances. Purina ONE Sensitive provides the right balance of nutrients for your sensitive cat and the innovative Bifensis Dual Defense formula supports your cat’s natural defences while helping to keep your cat healthy both from the inside and the out. Omega 6 fatty acids and a balanced portion of zinc help to keep your cat’s skin supple and fur shiny. A mix of natural fibres make sure that swallowed hair is transported easily through the digestive system and this helps to reduce hairball formation. This tasty kibble also includes chicory, a natural ingredient which helps to reduce nasty litter box smells.

Purina ONE Sensitive at a glance:

  • Reduced sources of protein: turkey is easy to digest and a good source of low allergen protein
  • Top quality ingredients: easy to digest and with a great taste
  • Bifensis Dual Defense: active ingredient complex with all important nutrients for complete protection:
    • Omega 6 fatty acids and zinc: promote healthy skin and shiny fur
    • Lactic acid bacteria: natural prebiotic for better digestion
  • Chicory: contains natural fibres which helps to reduce faecal odour as well as encouraging a healthy digestion
  • Yeast: provides vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which have a beneficial effect on the immune system
  • Free from artificial additives, colour, taste enhancers and preservatives
  • Developed by experts: Recipe is based on the most up to date scientific findings and recommended by vets
  • Handy zip bag: Resealable packaging helps to retain aroma


Turkey (18%), maize, rice (14%), soya protein, dried turkey protein, animal fat, maize gluten meal, pea protein concentrate, dried chicory root (natural fibres 2%), digest (with added heat treated Lactobacillus Delbrueckii and Fermentum powder 0.025%), yeast, minerals

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A (35,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1100 IU), vitamin E (460 IU), vitamin C (160mg), anhydrous calcium iodate (2.6mg), iron sulphate monohydrate (204mg), copper sulphate (41mg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (97mg), sodium selenite (0.24mg) zinc sulphate monohydrate (340mg), taurine (700mg)

Analytical constituents

protein 34.0 %
fat 14.0 %
fibre 2.0 %
ash 6.0 %
omega-6 fats 2.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendations in g/day per cat:

Purina ONE Sensitive is a complete feed.


Cat's weight Portion in g/day
2 - 4 kg 30 - 60
4 - 6 kg 60 - 100
6 - 8 kg 100 - 130

The recommended daily feeding quantities are based on a moderately active cat in a normal environment. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required for your cat to maintain a healthy weight.


Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


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