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Help your cat improve their coordination and pouncing instincts with a fun laser pointer. Your cat will love to chase after the dancing red laser dot – it’s the ultimate playing experience!
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    3 products

    This LED pointer will keep your cat amused and stimulated for hours. Use the cat toy to entice your cat to chase the little fish-shaped light pointer. Cats simply can't resist it.

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    An exciting way to keep your cat entertained and satisfy its hunting and playing instincts, with a dancing laser point for it to chase and pounce on! Batteries included.

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    Laser pointer
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    Interactive cat toy with two laser pointers, with lights that rotate 360 degrees to encourage your cat to chase and with an automatic off-switch, with a wide base for stability.

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    Laser Cat Toys

    Hours of fun are heading your way with a laser cat toy!

    We all know just how much cats love to chase things! A cat laser toy can be a great way to stimulate this desire, allowing you to create harmless and long-lasting fun for your pet. Whizz the cat laser toy around the room and watch your kitty go wild!
    At bitiba we offer a range of cat laser toy products, including pointers that you can fasten to a keyring, for quick, on-the-go fun! Whichever variety of cat laser toy you choose, your cat is bound to quickly become an avid lover of laser play and will thank you for its new toy!

    Browse the full range of Laser Toys here at bitiba:

    Stimulate your cat’s desire to chase things, awakening natural instincts and providing hours of fun.
    All of these cat laser toys are of the finest quality and offer harmless, long-lasting enjoyment for you and your cat.

    • Laser pointers: in a variety of styles and shapes - including that old favourite, a mouse! - these cat laser toys are a great way to build the bond between you and your cat, as well as letting you have a great deal of fun without risking sharp claws! They are battery-operated and the laser dot will whizz around the room, perfect for every feline.

    These top quality cat laser toys are ideal for any cat and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

    Browse our full range of Cat Toys available here at bitiba, to keep every feline entertained!