Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit

1 Toy (White/Grey)
: 5/5
Exciting play circuit with a flashing ball – great fun and exercise for your cat! The 10-piece set has multiple layout options and is also suitable for larger cats. Length approx. 215cmfor further information...
Product description
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit
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Product description

Exciting play circuit with a flashing ball – great fun and exercise for your cat! The 10-piece set has multiple layout options and is also suitable for larger cats. Length approx. 215cm

This extra-long Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit is made up of 9 rail elements that easily snap together to form a variety of layouts. Your cat is bound to love this in any configuration: figure of 8, circuit or the long form. Cats will enjoy chasing after the ball, batting it and pushing it around the circuit. The ball starts to flash as soon as it starts rolling, and switches off when it stops, which creates additional incentive to carry on playing. This circuit is also compatible with the green Catit Design Senses Illuminated Balls (available separately in our shop).

The Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit is designed to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct, increase its activity, whilst also improving its motor skills and intelligence. The wide 3.5cm opening at the top makes this toy ideal for larger cats too. Anti-slip feet ensure the circuit stays in one place on slippery floors, even when playtime gets energetic.

The Ferplast Flashlight Play Circuit at a glance:
  • Activity toy for cats of all sizes
  • Encourages your cat to move more: Specially developed to motivate your cat to hunt and play
  • Improves your cat’s motor skills: the fast-moving ball will entice your cat to bat it around the track, and try to catch it in its paws
  • Flashing ball: the blue ball flashes red, as soon as it starts to roll, then the light switches off when it stops (batteries included in delivery)
  • Also suitable for large cats: the wide 3.5cm opening at the top is wide enough for cats with larger paws
  • Click-System: easy to put together and expandable with other elements (sold separately)
  • Variable Layout: for a range of different play experiences
  • Anti-slip feet for stability
  • Made in the EU
  • Colour:
    • Track: grey/ white
    • Ball: blue
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total dimensions if put together as per the illustration (L x W x H): 85 x 40 x 10 cm
    • Maximum length: up to 215cm
    • Length of each element:
      • Curved tracks (6x): 25cm
      • Straight track (1x): 32cm
      • Straight bridge pieces (2x): 17cm
    • Ball diameter: 4cm

Caution: As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

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Latest user reviews

19/02/21|Jackie Ryan
: 5/5
great entertainment
Brought for our New Kitten but the oldies took control of it. They all loved it. I bet the flashing ball will run out quickly due to too much use.
: 4/5
Well made, my 7 and 14 year old cats not interested :(
Moved to new house so bought to help with their two week lockdown. Well made product so if you think your cats would play with it you hopefully won’t be disappointed. Mine shown no interest but put that down to their personalities.
: 5/5
Big hit with 11 year old tortie - very sturdy
I chose this circuit over a Catit one because of the fully 'open top' which I knew my cats would prefer (i.e. get less frustrated with and therefore play more). My tortie thinks the 'bridge' feature is the best thing ever and so far has played with it several times a day (and night..). It's easy to assemble, very sturdy and won't be easily damaged by mischievous paws. The flashy ball, being weighted, rolls backwards/forwards when it slows down, adding an element of unpredictability. A great buy!
: 5/5
I wasn't sure but cats love it!
I wasn't sure about this product as it looked less robust to similar circuits that we have.. However, the cats love the figure of eight styles with the bridge over the top. They have spent hours playing... There are 13 of them that all agree its great.
: 5/5
Flashlight play circuit
Tried this toy for my 11 week Ragdoll which I had just had just picked up a few hours earlier, hoping he would settle in house quickly, within 30 mins of letting him out carrier bag, he was playing with toy. Next day when I took him downstairs again, went into room and started playing with it again for 30 mins solid. Ive only had kitten for 3 days now, but he definitely enjoys playing with this.
: 3/5
Cats not interested...
I bought this toy with high hopes but unfortunately, none of my three cats are even remotely interested in it! It is well made though and would be great if my cats actually liked it... never mind!
: 5/5
2 of my 3 cats love this.At 2 years old they were already becoming alarmingly sedentary but this has changed them into kittens again ! They play with it all night while we are trying to sleep, but at least they are happy which is the main thing.I don't know how they did it but they managed to get the ball out and had a lovely game together.Now they've lost it so I must get another ! I would highly recommend this.They prefer it to their blue catit one (sorry Catit)
: 5/5
Bought this when my cat was a kitten. He's nearly two years old now and still constantly plays with it. He's a house cat and it's good he has this to keep him so entertained, even tho the ball doesn't light up anymore
: 5/5
Smashing game.
This circuit is excellent sport and is especially good for my 7 year old 7 kilo Steafan who prefers cuddles to major activity, so he needed encouragement to get going. Marvellous! Today buying another for Alfie, a neighbour's cat, for Christmas.
: 5/5
Fantastic toy!
This circuit is well made and very sturdy, the ball slots into the track and doesnt fly out so when the cat bats the ball it just flies around the track rather than across the room! I have four cats and three out of the four play with it constantly. They really love how the ball flashes when they hit it, and they often play with it in pairs batting the ball back and forth to one another. Worth every penny!
: 5/5
My cats favourite toy
My cat plays with this everyday, it's good quality and great value for money and the ball whizzes round effectively with the lightest touch. Would definitely buy again but can't see I will need to as it's very well made.
: 5/5
Best kitten toy ever!
Bought this for our Maine Coon kitten - it looked good but was also on special offer so thought it was a bargain but not too much if it wasn't a great hit. However, as soon as it was put together, he hasn't left it alone. the flashing light in the ball grabs his attention, the loop is a perfect size for him to curl up in to play & his paw/leg fits down the track to bop the ball back & forth. Hours of fun for both kitty & owner!!
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