Royal Canin Bulldog Adult

: 5/5
Complete dry dog ​​food for Bulldogs aged 12 months and over, with a special recipe designed to support healthy digestion, rich in nutrients and with a tailored energy content and optimised kibble.for further information...
Product description
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult
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£6.60 / kg
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Royal Canin Bulldog Adult

- 3kg

£6.60 / kg

Product description

Complete dry dog ​​food for Bulldogs aged 12 months and over, with a special recipe designed to support healthy digestion, rich in nutrients and with a tailored energy content and optimised kibble.

The English Bulldog is a calm, well-balanced family dog with a heart of gold. It has a special head shape with a short face and underbite, known as a brachycephalic type. Its skin has multiple folds and its body stature can mean that bulldogs are prone to sensitive joints. A breed as unique as this requires a specialised diet. Royal Canin Bulldog Adult has been developed specifically for adult bulldogs over the age of 12 months. All Royal Canin products are created using thorough quality controls, to help ensure optimum food quality.

Dishes in the Breed Health Nutrition Range are made using high-quality protein and a balanced nutritional profile. The kibble of this dry food is tailored in size, shape and texture to be ideal for this breed.

Royal Canin Bulldog Adult at a glance:
  • Complete food for bulldogs over 12 months old
  • Tailored to the nutritional needs of the breed
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA): can support bone and joint health in combination with chondroitin and glucosamine
  •  Promotes skin health: a special combination of nutrients can help improve the skin's barrier function and support a healthy coat
  • Optimum digestion: selected, highly-digestible protein and plant fibres to support gut health, as well as helping to reduce unpleasant stool odour
  • Tailored energy content: provides controlled energy levels

The kibble in Royal Canin Bulldog Adult is tailored to the special needs of the breed. As bulldogs have a short, flat nose, with a shorter upper jaw than lower, the size and shape of the kibble is tailored to make it easier for them to pick up and eat. 

Dry and wet food can be combined. The dry food provides a higher nutrient concentration, can help to support dental health and can have many positive effects on your dog's health. The wet food has a naturally high moisture content and can help to support a healthy urinary tract and ideal bodyweight.


Rice, dehydrated poultry protein, animal fat, wheat gluten*, hydrolysed animal proteins, dehydrated pork protein, beet pulp, vegetable fibres, minerals, soya oil, fish oil, yeasts (source of mannan-oligo-saccharides), glucosamine from fermentation, marigold meal, hydrolysed cartilage (source of chondroitin).
* L.I.P.: Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (30,000 IU), vitamin D3 (812 IU), E1 [iron] (48mg), E2 [iodine] (4.8mg), E4 [copper] (15mg), E5 [manganese] (62mg], E6 [zinc] (142mg), E8 [selenium] (0.1mg).

Technological additives:
Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin: (10g).
Contains preservatives - antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein24.0 %
fat14.0 %
fibre2.8 %
ash6.5 %
DHA fatty acid0.4 g/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation per dog in g/day according to manufacturer:

Royal Canin Bulldog Adult is a complete food for dogs.

For mixing with water, please note the amount indicated on the feed bag.

Dog's weight Low activity Normal activity High activity
18kg 223 258 294
20kg 242 280 318
22kg 259 300 341
24kg 277 321 364
26kg 294 340 387
28kg 311 360 409
30kg 327 379 431

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog's specific dietary needs.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Fast delivery. Would definitely order from these again. Always kept up to date on order delivery.
07/01/18|Julie Hickey
: 5/5
Will purchase again
Very speedy delivery, my 2 bulldog are very happy 😁
: 5/5
Top Quality
my bully has been on this brand since birth and the results have proven very much a defo 100% recommendation
: 5/5
the only food for bulldogs
Marvellous ! Shiny coat, healthy skin and good digestion. Wouldn't hesitate to buy this again.
: 5/5
balanced food
I've always given my british bulldog Royal Canin. He had the Junior until he was 1 year old and then the Adult version after that. He's about to turn 3 and has never had a single problem with his digesion or with wind.. This is an excellent product, maybe a bit pricey, but it saves on vets bills. I would recommend this to all bulldog owners.
: 5/5
I approve!
At 1 year old I started feeding my bulldog with this dry food. He digests it perfectly without any 'smells'; his poo is good and his coat shiny and soft and his muscle tone is great. Recommended !!!
: 5/5
My food
I'm a very choosy british bulldog, whose mistress has spent a long time trying to find the right food to please me. She succeeded! I really like these, and they don't give me tummy ache or wind. I've been enjoying them for 3 years now and I'm not going to change
: 5/5
5 stars
My Bulldog is almost 5 years old, and I have always given him this food. He has never had any allergies or other health problems. I am very satisfied with Royal Canin Bulldog Adult, highly recommended!
: 5/5
I can only say there is no better food like this. We had tried another one but she was having bowel trouble and have now again switched to Royal Canin Breed Bulldog 24 Adult Dog Food and excited ....
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