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Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult

Product description

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Product description

Specifically developed for German Shepherds aged 15+ months, this complete dry dog food promotes both a healthy immune system and digestive system. Also helps to maintain skin and a glossy coat.
Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult is a complete dry dog food, developed to support the immune system of German Shepherds. The kibble’s shape and size have also been specifically adapted to increase the ease of digestibility for the German Shepherd, as they tend to have sensitivities with their digestive system. Your German Shepherd will thrive on Royal Canin, as it offers a tasty and nutritious meal.

It is very common for German Shepherds to develop infections, as they suffer from a deficiency of Immunoglobulin A. By feeding your dog Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult dog food, their immune system can be enhanced through the anti-oxidant complex.
High digestibility is very important, as German Shepherds are prone to digestive sensitivities. This kibble supports a healthy digestive system and is well-accepted.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult dry dog food:

  • Optimal Digestion (96% digestibility): Rice as a single source of plant carbohydrates, high-grade L.I.P. protein (>90%) and coconut oil all contribute to healthy digestion. Select, special fibre limit the fermentation process in the digestive tract while maintaining the balance of intestinal flora.
  • Strengthening of the immune system and reduction of oxidative stress: An anti-oxidant complex contributes to the strengthening of the immune system and slows cell ageing. Mannan-Oligosaccharide stimulates a response from the immune system which raises the quantity of antibodies (Immunoglobin A, white blood cells)
  • Skin protection and radiant fur: Royal Canin Breed German Shepherd Adult Dog Food strengthens the barrier function of the skin and maintains the natural shine of your dog's fur, thanks to a mixture of vitamins and amino acids
  • Joint protection: the additional effect of chrondroitin sulphate and glucosamine helps to protect the joints and can reduce inflammation and oxidative issues with the help of Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA


Rice, poultry protein (dried), animal fat, vegetable protein isolate*, maize meal, animal protein (hydrolysed), lignocellulose, minerals, dried sugar beet pulp, soya oil, fish oil, coconut oil, yeast hydrolysate (source of mannanoligosaccharides), hydrolysate from crustaceans (source of glucosamine), marigold meal (source of lutein), hydrolysate from cartilage (source of chondroitin).
*L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (28,000 IU), vitamin D3 (800 IU), E1 [iron] (51mg), E2 [iodine] (5.1mg), E4 [copper] (15mg), E5 [manganese] (66mg), E6 [zinc] (145mg), E8 [selenium] (0.11mg).
Technological additives:
Clinoptilolite from sedimentary sources (10g).
Sensory additives:
Tea extract (source of polyphenol) (150mg).
Contains preservatives and antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 24.0 %
fat 19.0 %
fibre 4.0 %
ash 6.5 %
DHA fatty acid 4.0 g/kg

Feeding guide

Daily recommended serving from manufacturer in g/day:

Royal Canin Breed German Shepherd Adult is a complete food for dogs.

For mixing with water, please note the amount indicated on the feed bag.

Dog's weight Low activity Normal activity High activity
26kg 284 373 433
28kg 300 395 458
30kg 316 416 482
32kg 332 436 506
34kg 347 457 530
36kg 362 477 563
38kg 377 496 576
40kg 392 516 598
42kg 407 535 621
44kg 421 554 643

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog's specific dietary needs.


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