Organic Dog Snacks

These delicious dog snacks are made from 100% certified organic ingredients, making them ideal for dogs that enjoy an organic diet.
    3 products
    3 products
    Yarrah Organic Vegan Multi Dog Biscuits

    Each pack of tasty vegan treats contains a selection of irresistible flavours created from organically-produced ingredients. These treats are perfect for rewarding your sensitive dog!

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    £3.99£15.96 / kg
    Yarrah Organic Mini Snacks

    Tasty organic treats for dogs. Suitable for all breeds and ages, ideal for training. Grain-free recipe with a high organic meat content with 97% beef, pork and chicken. In a resealable bag.

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    Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks

    Delicious dog snacks with a total organic meat content of 95%, suitable for all breeds and ages and made with organic ingredients, with hearty flavour and ideal for training and rewards.

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    3 x 33g
    £5.99£6.05 / 100g