Burns Puppy Food & Puppy Mini

Keep your puppy healthy and give it everything it needs with UK made Burns complete puppy food. With no wheat, soy or dairy, there shouldn't be any upset tummies and your puppy can get everything it needs. Made in the UK.

1 - 3 of 3 results
1 - 3 of 3 results
1 - 3 of 3 results

Hypoallergenic complete dry food for weaning puppies and young dogs up to 9 months. This kibble is also ideal for underweight adult dogs & during pregnancy/nursing.

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£4.65 / kg
RRP* £66.99
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£3.92 / kg
Multibuy: 2 x 12kg
individually priced £93.98
Now £92.19
£3.84 / kg

A complete dry dog food suitable for puppies and junior dogs. The hypoallergenic recipe is ideal for sensitive dogs. Made with quality ingredients to support your young dogs growth and development.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
RRP* £35.99
Our Price £26.69
£4.45 / kg
Multibuy: 2 x 6kg
individually priced £53.38
Now £51.69
£4.31 / kg

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A complete dry dog food suitable for mini breed puppies from weaning to 9 months. With oats for slow energy release and controlled levels of protein, fat and minerals.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
RRP* £35.99
Our Price £27.59
£4.60 / kg
Multibuy: 2 x 6kg
individually priced £55.18
Now £53.69
£4.47 / kg

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Burns Puppy Food & Puppy Mini

When supporting your canine through these initial stages of your dog’s life, nutrition is key, so choose a nutritious Burns puppy food that will support your dog fully both inside and out!

Each Burns puppy food dish is specifically formulated to meet your dog’s early needs, from the early stages all the way through to adulthood, when your puppy can be moved onto a wholesome adult dish. These puppy and junior dishes are rich in protein, which is vital for providing your dog with the energy it needs both to grow and to explore this exciting new world!
Burns puppy food is available in options for smaller mini breeds, as these size dogs grow at a much faster rate than a larger breed. These Burns puppy food dishes are full of flavour, making them well accepted and a great way to ensure your puppy is fully nourished at every mealtime.

Browse the complete Burns puppy food range available at bitiba.co.uk:

  • Burns Puppy Original: this Burns puppy food offers everything your dog needs for the best possible start in life, with optimised protein levels, mineral content and fat amounts, ensuring your dog is set up to grow healthily both inside and out. The dish is hypoallergenic and made with premium ingredients, so you can be sure your puppy is getting everything it needs and grows at a slow, healthy rate all the way up to nine months. This is also available in both chicken and lamb varieties, so that every palate is catered for.
  • Burns Puppy Mini: small and toy breeds can benefit from Burns puppy food designed specifically for Mini breeds, as it contains all the same high quality ingredients, hypoallergenic recipes and supportive ingredients of the Original version but with a smaller kibble size for smaller jaws. This dish can also help ensure healthy digestion, skin and coat, so that your dog is supported both inside and out as it develops through puppyhood and becomes a healthy adult dog.

Browse through the complete, extensive selection of Burns pet food offered by bitiba.co.uk, with a broad range of dishes all available at unbeatable prices!

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