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Cat treats are a great way to reward your cat or encourage their interest in a particular toy. Treating your cat to a tasty cat snack also shows them how much you care. Now find great deals on cat treats at!
5 products
5 products

A tasty grain-free cat treat, available in of lots of different flavours, these easy-to-digest snacks are a great price and a great way to treat your cat to something special. Try them today!

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BBQ with Turkey
£0.79£1.58 / 100g
with Rabbit, Turkey & Yeast
£0.79£1.58 / 100g
With Salmon & Trout
Sold out
£0.99£1.98 / 100g
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Save now on these delicious, extra-large grain-free natural cat treats. Made from 100% pure chicken, tuna, white fish, or salmon gently freeze-dried to preserve the great taste & valuable nutrients.

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Mixed Pack I: Chicken, Tuna, White Fish
individually priced £40.47Now£39.79£8.12 / 100g
Mixed Pack III: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon
individually priced £40.47Now£39.79£7.51 / 100g
Mixed Pack II: Tuna, White Fish, Salmon
individually priced £40.47Now£39.79£9.04 / 100g
Chicken (3 x 200g)
individually priced £40.47Now£39.49£6.58 / 100g
Tuna (3 x 180g)
individually priced £40.47Now£39.99£7.41 / 100g

Mixed pack of Smilla Toothies dental care snacks and Smilla Hearties cat snacks with taurine. Both developed by leading pet nutritional experts and available in individual resealable boxes.

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Hearties & Toothies (2 x 125g)
individually priced £3.58Now£2.79£1.12 / 100g

100% natural, additive-free cat snacks made from 100% fresh meat or fish, which is freeze-dried to lock in the taste and goodness. Now you can save when you buy 5 tubes in this great-value multibuy!

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2 Varieties from
Chicken (5 x 25g)
individually priced £15.95Now£15.49£0.12 / g
Tuna (5 x 25g)
individually priced £15.95Now£15.49£0.12 / g

Try out the three different flavours of these delicious cat treats with a delightful crunch and a smooth, creamy filling. Low-calorie, enriched with a variety of nutrients, made without added sugar.

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1 Varieties from
3 Varieties
individually priced £2.97Now£2.69£1.38 / 100g