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Flea, Tick & Parasite Protection

Dog Flea & Tick Protection

Protect your pet from pesky parasites with our selection of different treatments and accessories at bitiba! We offer a range of natural parasite repellents in a Spot On format as well as flea collars and natural internal treatments, plus flea shampoo and flea sprays. We also have a range of anti-parasite accessories including flea combs, tick tweezers and many more products to help keep your pet comfortable and parasite free.

Tools, Tick Hooks & Tweezers:

Trixie Flea & Dirt Comb - Metal

4.29 4.29 GBP 1
RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £4.29

Trixie Tick Tweezers

0.69 0.69 GBP 1
Tick Tweezers
RRP*  £1.75
Our Price  £0.69

Flea & Tick Shampoo / Spray:

Exner Petguard Spray Treatment

5.49 5.49 GBP 1
(£10.98 / l)

Flea, Tick & Parasite Protection

Keep your pet and home protected against unwanted pests!

Not only during the hot summer months but all year round, it is vitally important to keep your pet protected against fleas, ticks and other parasites. Flea treatments and tick treatments are essential for pet health, as well as for keeping your home free from unwanted visitors that may lay eggs in your furniture, carpets or upholstery.
Here at bitiba we can offer you a great range of flea treatments and tick treatments to help keep parasites at bay and treat them should they appear. The range includes, collars, spot-on treatments and many other options, including natural treatments. You will also find a selection of flea shampoos and flea sprays, as well as home treatments to keep your home clean and hygienic!

Browse the full range of Flea, Tick & Parasite Protection available here at bitiba

Here you can find everything you need to prepare your pet and your home against fleas, ticks and parasites.
As well as treatments, there are also anti-parasite accessories to make your life as a pet owner that little bit easier.

  • Spot On Treatment: these spot on flea treatments are an effective way to keep your dog or cat protected against fleas and ticks, with a simple application to the back of your pet’s neck that will not cause any discomfort and can help to protect your pet against pests for up to 4 weeks. These spot on flea and tick treatments are available in different sizes to provide adequate protection no matter your pet’s breed or size.
  • Flea Collars: a flea collar or tick collar is ideal from 12 weeks onwards, working for up to 6 weeks to keep your pet free from pests and meaning you do not have to apply any treatments or administer any medication to keep your pet safe. A tick collar can be particularly useful as it so close to the thinner skin around the face that ticks tend to go for.
  • Natural Supplements: add flea and tick protection to your pet’s diet, with natural protection in the form of supplements, treats or pills. There are also natural supplements that can help protect your pet against intestinal parasites, keeping your pet healthy both inside and out.
  • Tools, Hooks & Tweezers: if your pet should become infected with fleas or ticks, swift treatment is essential. Here at bitiba we offer a range of different accessories to help with this, including tick tweezers, flea combs and even tools with integrated lights to make it easier to identify the pesky pests!
  • Sprays & Shampoo: whilst shampoos can help with keeping your pet’s coat healthy and free from parasites, sprays can be an ideal way to keep your home protected against fleas and ticks, ensuring you can relax in your home even at the height of summer!

Here at bitiba, we offer a great range of parasite protection options depending on your own personal preferences and your pet’s needs.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your pet can enjoy roaming around outdoors without the fear of infection!

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