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FURminator deshedding combs and tools can reduce shed hair by up to 90%. A FURminator brush can be used to remove excess hair and undercoat that can otherwise lead to allergies and skin irritation.

FURminator Tools:

FURminator Long Hair - L

23.99 23.99 GBP 1
width 10.2cm

FURminator Long Hair - M

21.99 21.99 GBP 1
width 6.7cm

FURminator Short Hair - L

25.49 25.49 GBP 1
width 10.2cm

FURminator Short Hair - M

19.99 19.99 GBP 1
width 6.7cm

FURminator Brushes:

FURminator Dual Grooming Brush

9.49 9.49 GBP 1
21 x 6.5 x 4 cm (L x W x H)

FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

7.49 7.49 GBP 1
12 x 6 x 4 cm (L x W x H)

FURminator deShedding Tools & Brushes

Don't stress about finding constantly hairs all over the place - FURminator has got your back!

What do these products do?

These gentle products help to clean your dog's coat without damaging the skin or causing discomfort to enable a perfect groom for your pup everytime. All products have been carefully tailored to cater to different sizes of dog, as well as coat type. Choose from brushes especially for short or long hair, as well as variations for different sizes of dog. FURminator products can help reduce shedding by up to 90% to help ensure a cleaner, more hygenic household. Using these brushes and tools regularly removes the loose hairs in your dog's fur, preventing them from dropping off throughout the day.

Top tips:

  • Always brush your pup's fur carefully, starting at their head and then all the way down to their tail
  • We recommend you use your chosen FURminator tool once a week for best results
  • Make sure to periodically check your dog’s skin and fur
  • Before brushing, always remember to rid your pooch of any tangles and mats first

Choose from the following FURminator categories:
  • FURminator Tools: available in a variety of sizes for both long and short haired dogs. Discover the tool best suited to your pup and get brushing ASAP! Shedding will reduce and you'll even start to notice a healthier looking coat.
  • FURminator Brushes: choose between soft brushes, firm brushes and a curry comb! These brushes help to remove excess fur while improving your dog's coat. The Curry Comb is specifically designed for small to medium dogs to help promote a shiny coat.

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