Car Accessories for Dogs

These dog car accessories and other dog travel products are sure to make travel with your dog easier and more enjoyable for you and your pet!
Here at bitiba we offer a great range of helpful products, including car ramps and steps that make it easier for less agile or older pets to clamber inside. You can also find a pet hammock or dog hammock to keep your seats protected from muddy paws and sharp claws, great for travelling to and from muddy walks. A dog hammock or pet hammock doubles up as a comfortable place for your dog to rest and can make life easier for your both.
Harnesses and booster seats are also an essential part of dog travel, keeping your dog securely fastened so that you do not need to worry about it roaming around the car or distracting you while driving. If your dog travels in the boot, a net or guard can be the perfect option to keep your dog safely in its place.
Find the ideal dog hammock, car harness or seat guard for your needs!
7 products
7 products

Keep your dog safe on car journeys by fastening them in with their own tear-resistant safety belt. Available in 2 fully adjustable sizes, with a seat belt buckle and snap hook. Colour: black

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1 Varieties from
45-70cm x 30mm (L x W)
RRP* £7.99Our Price£3.79

Small Trixie dog harness to keep your dog comfortably in place while driving. Can also be used as a regular harness. Fits with all conventional buckles.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
30 – 60cm chest circumference
RRP* £9.99Our Price£4.49
50 - 70cm chest circumference
RRP* £10.99Our Price£5.49

A reliable accessory that keeps your car's back seat clear of pet hair, moisture and dirt. This durable mat has openings for seat belts and sits firmly between the seat and backrest.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
160 x 145 cm (L x W)
RRP* £24.99Our Price£14.19

Practical folding dog ramp for helping your pet effortlessly in and out of the car, to protect bones and joints. It is flexible and universal, made from wood and ensuring stable and robust access.

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1 Varieties from
160 x 40 x 6 cm (L x W x H)

Practical steps to help your pet climb up and down, stable and non-slip, multi-use, remove cover to wash, easy to assemble, ideal for puppies, senior dogs and cats weighing up to 40kg, colour: grey

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1 Varieties from
Large: 65 x 51 x 60cm (L x W x H)
£36.99£36.99 / unit

Luggage area cover with extra tall sides fits in any type of car and protects the interior from hair and mud.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
164 x 125 cm (L x W)
RRP* £49.99Our Price£26.99

These sturdy car boot bars are adjustable in width and height. With angled posts for more room and a great fit in your car.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
85 – 140 x 75 – 110 cm (W x H)
RRP* £32.99Our Price£20.49

Car Accessories for Dogs

Keep your dog safe and comfortable on every journey!

Here at bitiba we offer a great range of dog car accessories, including a pet hammock selection to keep your car clean and steps and ramps that make it easier for less active or smaller pets to enter the car. All of these accessories not only help to keep your pet safe and comfortable but can also be beneficial to you as an owner, removing the stress of how to get your dog home after a muddy walk!
This range of premium products can be lifesavers for dog owners - a dog hammock can make all the difference! There is also a selection of safety features such as seatbelts and harnesses, as well as nets and dividers that ensure your dog does not climb into the main body of the car and cause chaos whilst you are trying to drive!

Browse the full range of Car Accessories for Dogs available here at bitiba

Make car travel safe and clean with this range of dog car accessories.
Find the perfect pet hammock, dog ramp or car harness for your pet.

  • Steps & Ramps: as your dog ages or if it becomes unwell, getting in and out of the car can suddenly become a difficult task. This selection of ramps and stairs can make this task easier, as well as being great for getting in and out of homes with a step. These ramps are flexible and foldable, so that you can easily store them when not in use.
  • Protection Covers: a dog hammock or pet hammock can help protect your car from muddy paws and sharp claws, as well as offering a comfortable space in which your dog can relax. A pet hammock covers the seats in your cat and can be adapted to fit any number of cars. Here at bitiba we also offer bumper protectors and boot covers, which can be great if the idea of a dog hammock inside the car does not appeal, or if you have a large family and a pet hammock on a seat is simply not an option.
  • Car Harnesses: provide additional safety on car journeys with this collection of harnesses and booster seats, designed to fasten into your car and keep your dog firmly in place when driving. This not only provides safety for your dog but also allows you to focus on driving.
  • Dog Car Guards & Grids: if your dog travels in style in the boot, this range of car guards and nets can help prevent it from climbing through into the main body of the car, with many adjustable to fit into a range of different car sizes. These can be a great practical choice for keeping your car seats clean and protected.

Here at bitiba we offer a great range of car accessories for dogs to make travelling with your pet a more enjoyable experience.

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