Royal Canin Dermacomfort Dog Food

Royal Canin Dermacomfort is a special range of complete dry dog food for adult dogs that suffer from sensitive, itchy skin. The reduced-allergen formula and essential nutrients in Royal Canin Dermacomfort dry dog food help to improve the condition of your dog's skin.
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3 products

Complete dry food for adult large-breed dogs over 1 year of age prone to itchy, irritated skin. Includes premium sources of protein and vital fatty acids, for visible results after just 1 month.

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If your toy dog is prone to skin itching or flare-ups, it may benefit from a special diet with reduced allergens & omega fatty acids to help to improve the skin’s condition.

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Balanced and complete dry food for medium breed dogs (11-25kg) that are prone to skin irritation and itching. With a reduced allergen formula, high quality proteins and a healthy skin nutrient complex

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Royal Canin Dermacomfort Dog Food

Wholesome nutrition for dogs with sensitive skin

This selection of Royal Canin Dermacomfort Dog Food has been designed specially to support dogs with sensitive or itchy skin, providing complete, balanced nutrition with a reduced-allergen recipe designed to avoid various ingredients that can cause adverse reactions. Royal Canin Dermacomfort offers your dog a hearty dish that can not only reduce reactions but can also improve your dog’s overall skin condition.
Royal Canin Dermacomfort dog food is available in a range of different options, with tailored options for different sizes of dogs to ensure that the correct nutrition is available. Each Royal Canin Dermacomfort diet is nutritious and wholesome, as well as being packed full of flavour that your dog will love and that will ensure great acceptance at every meal.

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Royal Canin Dermacomfort is designed to offer complete nutrition to dogs suffering from dietary based skin irritation.
You can choose the ideal Royal Canin Dermacomfort dish based on your dog’s size and weight.

  • Mini: this Royal Canin Dermacomfort dish is ideal for toy breeds, combatting itching, dandruff, greasy coat, dry skin and a number of other unpleasant skin conditions. It is made with essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial to your dog’s coat and can have visible effects in as little as 1 month.
  • Medium: the medium breed version of Royal Canin Dermacomfort is enriched with selected sources of protein, chosen for their low allergenic potential to ensure that your dog can still reap the benefits of animal based protein without suffering unpleasant consequences.
  • Maxi: larger dogs have different nutritional needs, so this Royal Canin Dermacomfort contains an effective combination of nutrients and can help to strengthen your dog’s natural skin barrier function, improving overall skin health and helping to make your dog’s life more enjoyable.

A Royal Canin Dermacomfort dog food diet can help reduce unpleasant skin conditions in your dog.
Royal Canin Dermacomfort is available in a range of different options to ensure you can provide your dog with the optimum nutrition.

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