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Degu Food

In addition to hay as a basic source of nutrition, degus require a well-balanced food mix with further nutrients. The food mixes offered here meet these special needs and are important components to your degu's diet.

Degu Food:

JR Farm Field Herbs

2.29 4.79 GBP 2
(£11.45 / kg)
Multibuy: 3 x 200g
individually priced £6.87
Now £4.79
(£7.98 / kg)

Versele-Laga Chinchilla & Degu Complete

7.49 13.49 GBP 2
(£4.28 / kg)
Multibuy: 2 x 1.75kg
(£3.85 / kg)

Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus

2.49 2.49 GBP 1
RRP*  £3.20
Our Price  £2.49
(£2.49 / kg)

JR Farm Feast for Degus

27.99 51.99 GBP 2
(£2.80 / kg)
Multibuy: 2 x 10kg
individually priced £55.98
Now £51.99
(£2.60 / kg)

Versele-Laga Nature Degu Food

8.29 15.99 GBP 2
RRP*  £12.20
Our Price  £8.29
(£3.60 / kg)
Multibuy: 2 x 2.3kg
individually priced £16.58
Now £15.99
(£3.48 / kg)

Degu Food

Find the right degu food for your small pet

Degus require a varied diet with a mixture of greens, fruit, seeds and grains. Ensuring your degu receives a balanced diet is essential for them to live a long and healthy life. A balanced food mix helps provide your degu with all the nutrients they need, as well as the added benefit of helping wear down their ever-growing teeth. Finding the right food for your degu can help promote the health of their skin, coat and digestion, and contributing greatly to their well-being. A complete diet for your degu is designed in such a way that they absorb all-important ingredients and nutrients. Choose from a variety of species-appropriate degu food to keep your little friend healthy and fit!

You will find a selection of our most popular degu food products here:

  • JR Farm: JR Farm produces high-quality small pet food according to their motto "from the field to the bag". With a delicious mix of crunchy vegetables, delicious grains and herbs it provides a complete diet with all the essential nutrients.
  • Versele Laga: With a premium blend of natural components providing your degu with all the essential vitamins and nutrients, Versele Laga offers a diet with extra fibre to promote healthy digestion.

Do you have other small pets besides your degu at home? Then take a look at our entire range of small pet food at! .

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