Miamor Wet Cat Food

Miamor is a tasty and easy to digest cat food with a well-balanced magnesium content, which is important for healthy cats. This cat food tastes great, is very appetizing and smells good too. In the practical single-portion pouch, cat food always tastes like it's just been prepared!
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3 products

Miamor Ragout Royale is fine ragout in delicious jelly or gravy - a feast fit for a king! Mixed pack for variety in the food bowl. No colourings or preservatives

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12 x 100g
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24 x 100g
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Miamor Fine Fillets moist cat food in practical pouch, exclusive, light fillet chunks in delicate jelly.

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Tuna & Crab
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This tasty meat dish will have your cat licking its whiskers, with a range of irresisitble flavours and offering essential nutrition to keep your cat healthy, happy and active.

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Mixed Pack: Fish
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