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Yarrah Organic Wet Cat Food

Yarrah Wet Cat Food Yarrah offers a premium, wet cat food range which is 100% organic and free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Yarrah are an eco-friendly company, as they do not use herbicides, pesticides or hormones during cultivation and/or breeding. The raw ingredients are nutritionally balanced and will keep your pet happy and healthy.

Yarrah Organic Canned Food:

Yarrah Organic Pâté 12 x 400g

18.29 18.29 GBP 2
(£3.81 / kg)
(£3.81 / kg)

Yarrah Organic Chunks 12 x 405g

18.29 18.49 GBP 3
Chicken with Nettle & Tomato in Sauce
(£3.80 / kg)
Chicken & Turkey with Nettle & Tomato
(£3.76 / kg)
Chicken & Beef with Nettle & Tomato
(£3.76 / kg)

Yarrah Organic Trays: organic wet food in the tray

Yarrah Organic Wellness Pâté Mixed Pack

5.49 9.99 GBP 2
8 x 100g
RRP*  £8.25
Our Price  £5.49
(£6.86 / kg)
Multibuy: 16 x 100g
individually priced £10.98
Now £9.99
(£6.24 / kg)

Yarrah Organic Tray Multibuys

9.99 9.99 GBP 1
Pâté: Mixed Pack - Beef, Chicken & Salmon (16 x 100g)
individually priced £10.98
Now £9.99
(£6.24 / kg)

Yarrah Organic Wet Cat Food

Premium organic dishes for all-round health and happiness

Yarrah cat food is the perfect way to offer your cat a wholesome, delicious meal made from certified-organic ingredients and free from genetically modified organisms. It is made using 100% organic ingredients produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or hormones, with raw ingredients that form balanced and complete nutrition in delicious grain- and gluten-free wet food dishes.
Choosing a Yarrah cat food dish can be the perfect way to nourish your cat, as well as appealing to the gourmet-loving cat with its luxurious recipes such as Salmon with Seaweed and Beef with Parsley & Thyme. These chunks or pate dishes are a great way to please every palate and ensure good nutrition!

Browse the full range of Yarrah Organic Wet Cat Food available here at bitiba:

Choose from trays or cans, pate or chunks, and a range of different flavours for full satisfaction.

  • Yarrah Organic Canned Food: feed your cat a complete, nutritionally balanced dish made from entirely organic ingredients with Yarrah cat food in pate or chunks form, free from added nasty ingredients and ideal for sensitive cats. It helps support healthy fur, skin, teeth and nails, as well as strong, supple muscles. It is available in chicken and fish pate varieties, as well as a range of luxurious chunk flavours with tender meatballs in succulent sauce that are ideal for gourmands and bring texture and variety to every feline diet.
  • Yarrah Organic Trays: gluten-free Yarrah cat food in trays, with aloe vera to strengthen resistance and boost metabolism, as well as omega fatty acids and chicory for digestion, in a certified organic recipe that helps support your cat’s overall health. Spirulina and seaweed are included in these rich recipes to ensure that Yarrah cat food is nutritious and wholesome. It is 100% grain free and rich in nutritious meat. The range of flavours includes beef, chicken, salmon and fish, ensuring there is something please every palate.

Boost health both inside and out with a wholesome Yarrah Organic Wet Cat Food diet from bitiba.

Complete you cat’s diet with a Yarrah Organic dry cat food dish available here at bitiba!