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Almo Nature Wet Cat Food

Almo Nature
Almo Nature was founded in 2000 and was the first company in the world to produce natural cat foods made entirely from pure ingredients. Their moist foods use the best white meat, red meat, fish and vegetables cooked in their own broth, to preserve essential micronutrients. Many Almo Nature pet foods are labelled “HFC”. This term describes ingredients fit for human consumption, as defined by EU Regulations, and guarantees the best and healthiest quality available. Almo Nature's high quality foods are designed with the physical and mental wellbeing of cats in mind. Bouton Try Almo Nature Dry Cat Food

Almo Nature HFC:

Almo Nature HFC 6 x 140g

7.29 7.29 GBP 1
Tuna & Whitebait
RRP*  £10.14
Our Price  £7.29
(£8.68 / kg)

Almo Nature HFC Multibuy 12 x 140g

13.99 13.99 GBP 1
Tuna & Whitebait
individually priced £14.58
Now £13.99
(£8.33 / kg)

Almo Nature Sterilised Pouches:

Almo Nature Sterilised Pouches

3.29 5.79 GBP 2
Chicken (6 x 70g)
RRP*  £3.90
Our Price  £3.29
(£7.83 / kg)
Chicken (12 x 70g)
individually priced £6.58
Now £5.79
(£6.89 / kg)

Almo Nature Anti Hairball Pouches:

Almo Nature Anti Hairball Pouches

3.29 5.49 GBP 2
Chicken (6 x 70g)
RRP*  £3.90
Our Price  £3.29
(£7.83 / kg)
Chicken (12 x 70g)
individually priced £6.58
Now £5.49
(£6.54 / kg)

Almo Nature Wet Cat Food

Wholesome natural cat food for overall wellbeing and happiness

Since 2000, Almo Nature has been producing premium quality wet cat food products rich in natural ingredients offering a plethora of health benefits for your feline. Each nutritious dish is made entirely from pure ingredients, with meat, fish and vegetables all cooked in their own juices to preserve key nutrients and unbeatable flavour. Many of the Almo Nature dishes are also HFC, meaning they contain ingredients of the highest quality and fit for human consumption.
All high quality Almo Nature cat food dishes are nutritious, with special options for sterilised, sensitive or overweight cats, as well as anti-hairball dishes and urinary care recipes. No matter your cat's age or needs, there will be an Almo Nature dish ideal for supporting it and providing wholesome nutrition at every stage of life.

Browse the complete range of Almo Nature Wet Cat Food available here at bitiba:

These high quality Almo Nature moist cat food dishes have all been developed to maintain your cat's physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Legend: the Almo Nature Legend range contains at least 70% meat or fish, to offer species-appropriate nutrition in succulent wet food dishes. They are cooked in their own juices to preserve flavour and nutrition.
  • Classic: you can't go wrong with a Classic Almo Nature dish! These tasty dishes include a range of satisfying flavours and all include premium ingredients, combined without artificial additives and designed to offer wholesome nutrition.
  • Daily Menu: a gourmet selection of Almo Nature dishes, including mousse and chunks with trout, rabbit or salmon, as well as a range of other tasty options - delicious! They also contains essential vitamins and minerals, free from artificial preservatives and carefully formulated for nutrition and enjoyment.
  • Jelly: the Almo Nature jelly pouches contain delicious fish or chicken in luxurious jelly, offering the perfect grain-free recipe for even fussy felines.
  • Special nutrition: this includes Light, Sterilised, Urinary, Sensitive and Anti Hairball, all helping to ensure that your cat still receives wholesome, complete and well-balanced nutrition despite suffering from health issues. Each recipe is specially adapted to meet the unique needs of your cat and can help promote an all-round healthy lifestyle, as well as being delicious!
  • Kitten:
  • give your young cat the best possible start in life with Almo Nature kitten cans, rich in at least 70% meat and designed to ensure all-round healthy development in these key initial life stages.

Find the perfect feast to satisfy your feline!

Complete your cat's diet with Almo Nature Dry Cat Food available here at bitiba!