Burns Dry Cat Food

Burns Cat Food is a high-quality, low fat, naturally preserved, hypo-allergenic food for Adult and Senior cats. The complete food aids healthy digestion and promotes a healthy skin & coat. Burns dry cat food also contains taurine, which keeps your cat’s eyes and heart in good order and is full of essential vitamins and minerals.
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    1 products

    A complete, hypoallergenic dry cat food made with tasty chicken and brown rice. Suitable for cats with nutritional sensitivities, skin and digestive issues. Rich in vitamins and essential amino acids

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    Burns Cat Food

    Wholesome, flavoursome kibble for your feline!

    Burns cat food was developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns, with the intention of providing cats with all the key nutrients they need to be healthy, happy and active, combined with irresistible kibble flavour. The range of Burns cat food here at bitiba is hypoallergenic and packed full of beneficial vitamins and minerals to support comprehensive health. This includes taurine, which is essential in keeping heart and eyes strong. Each complete, flavoursome dish helps with digestion and keeps skin ad coat glossy.
    Burns dry cat food is available in a range of varieties, including poultry and fish varieties, so that every cat can enjoy the Burns cat food kibble. There are also specific kitten dishes to support healthy development up to the age of 36 weeks, a great way to introduce your kitten to the world of being a feline!
    Burns cat food is also low in fat, to ensure your cat maintains a healthy body weight, and is naturally preserved to avoid artificial additives. Adults, seniors and kittens will all love this range of Burns cat food from bitiba!

    Browse the full range of Burns dry cat food available here at bitiba:

    Burns cat food offers complete, premium and balanced nutrition made in the UK.

    • Burns Original Adult: your adult and senior cats can benefit from this wholesome dish, made without any wheat gluten and very low in fat and protein, great for maintaining health throughout your cat’s life and free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.It is easy to digest and is even suitable for sensitive cats. It is available in chicken and fish varieties, to please every palate.
    • Burns Original Kitten: help your cat develop healthily in these vital first phases with Burns cat food for kittens, helping encourage strong bones and teeth, a healthy digestive system, and supple skin and shiny coat. The ideal start in a kitten’s life!

    Choose from this extensive range of quality Burns cat food products to support your cat’s comprehensive health throughout its life!

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