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Scratching Posts

Cats have a natural urge to scratch – this is not just for cleaning their claws, but also for marking their territory. Scratching posts are small and compact, and a great addition to your home if you are looking to provide a great alternative to them scratching your upholstery! Take a look at our budget-friendly selection of cat postss, only at bitiba.

Scratching Posts:

Coco Palm Scratching Post - 82cm

14.99 14.99 GBP 1
brown & beige
RRP*  £29.99
Our Price  £14.99

XXL Jumbo Scratching Post - 107cm

22.99 22.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £34.99
Our Price  £22.99

Natural Paradise Cat Scratching Post XL - 107cm

22.99 22.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £42.99
Our Price  £22.99

Olga Cat Scratching Post - 80cm

13.99 13.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £17.99
Our Price  £13.99

Natural Paradise XXL Scratching Post - 219cm

99.99 99.99 GBP 2
dark brown
RRP*  £149.99
Our Price  £99.99
RRP*  £149.99
Our Price  £99.99

Flying Bees Cat Tree - 54cm

13.99 13.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £24.99
Our Price  £13.99

Trixie Cat Toy Tree Toadstool - 45cm

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £12.99
Our Price  £8.99

Karlie Banana-Leaf Little Den Scratching Post - 93cm

59.99 59.99 GBP 1
natural beige

Trixie Inca Scratch Wave - 39cm

16.99 16.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £24.99
Our Price  £16.99

XXL Premium Scratching Post - 120cm

37.99 37.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £59.99
Our Price  £37.99
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Scratching Post

Satisfy your cat’s natural urges and rescue your furniture from sharp claws!

As any cat owner will know, furniture and upholstery can suffer greatly under the reign of a cat with sharp claws! Cat posts are a great option for drawing your cat’s scratching attention onto a more suitable victim, helping to satisfy the natural urge to scratch.
This scratching not only cleans claws but is also your cat’s way of marking its territory, so including cat posts in your home is a must. They come in a range of options, with small, compact versions to fit effortlessly into homes all the way to bigger varieties to service multi-cat households.
Bitiba also offers a range of budget-friendly cat posts, coated with sisal that can withstand scratching. The cat scratching posts are available in a range of fun designs, including recyclable towers, fun palm trees and combined dens with scratching posts. Take your pick to find the perfect way to keep your cat occupied!

Browse the full range of cat posts available here at bitiba:

Fit a cat scratching post effortlessly into your home and reap the rewards for you, your cat and your furniture!

  • Traditional cat posts: a traditional scratching post comprises a sisal-coated pole and will fit beautifully into any home, available in natural colours and a range of sizes so that every size cat can enjoy plenty of scratching fun!
  • Combined dens and posts: if you’re looking to offer your cat its own little hideaway as well as somewhere to sharpen its claws, then at bitiba we offer scratching posts with cat dens or platforms with cushions placed around the post, perfect for giving your cat its own little territory within your home, and ultimately practical in terms of space-saving and keeping your home from being overrun with various feline areas!
  • Funky designs: looking for something a little bit quirky? Bitiba offers plan trees, toadstools, banana leaves, flying bees and waves - a cat tree for every taste! Many of these trees also feature dangling plush toys that intrigue your cat and encourage play, helping to satisfy natural hunting instincts and keeping your cat entertained even when you are not available to play with!

Keep your cat’s claws sharp - and your furniture safe! - with the great range of cat posts here at bitiba, all for great affordable prices!

Browse the full selection of cat trees range, available here at bitiba, for various different sizes and styles to keep every cat happy!