Dog Beds & Baskets

Discover our wide range of soft, comfortable dog beds and dog baskets. Whether you want a plush and snuggly den for your Chihuahua or a supportive dog bed for your Great Dane, we have the right bed to suit your dog's needs, and all at a great value bitiba price!

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121 - 119 of 119 results
121 - 119 of 119 results

Be it at home or on holiday, a dog bed gives your dog a place of retreat.

Is it very important to you that your dog gets a relaxing and healthy sleep? Then you should definitely get a dog bed!

When choosing the right dog bed, you should always take into consideration the size of your dog.

Measure your dog and then choose the right size:

• Small dog beds (S)

• Medium-sized dog beds (M)

• Large dog beds (L)

• Extra-large dog beds (XL)

Dog beds offer your dog a perfect place of retreat. Be it for a short nap or a deeper sleep, your dog will feel at ease in a cuddly bed and enjoy the peace and quiet. Dog beds promote both your dog's mental and physical wellbeing. Dog beds are constructed so that comfortable materials support your dog's body and give it the rest it wants. With an integrated anti-slip coating, these dog beds withstand even the liveliest dogs, making them safe and robust. Thanks to a comfortable surface height, your dog can keep an eye on everything from its bed.

There are special orthopaedic beds for dogs with health problems. Thanks to memory foam, they adapt perfectly to your pet's needs and are particularly suitable for dogs with joint problems. There are also good outdoor dog beds to keep outside. These outdoor beds are easy to clean and particularly stable. Nor does good quality have to be expensive – you can find affordable, sturdy and practical dog beds in our range as well as somewhat more expensive designer models.

Find here an extra selection of dog baskets & dens:

  • Dog baskets: Perfect hiding place to snuggle up in.
  • Dog dens: Trendy cuddly nest for your four-legged friend.

Handy dog cushions are suitable for on the go or at home – you can add them to your dog bed, basket or den.

Here at bitiba you won't just find cheap dog beds. Browse through our dog shop, where you can find lots of great products for your pet.