James Wellbeloved Kitten Food

James Wellbeloved Kitten food is complete food designed for growing kittens to give them the energy and vital nutrients they need. This is a complete food meaning that no other food is necessary for a healthy diet and being hypo-allergenic it contains no dairy, eggs, wheat, soya, beef or pork. Kittens need a food designed to support the needs of their growing bodies including support for healthy bones and muscle and tailored energy content. With natural ingredients and no artificial additives your kitten has the best chance of developing a healthy strong immune system and avoiding developing allergies or intolerances.
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    3 products

    When your young cat is growing, it needs a specific range of nutrients and other vital ingredients to help it develop fully and healthily. This complete kibble contains high protein-levels for growth.

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    A wholesome and delicious dish, this turkey recipe is a complete balanced moist food for growing cats, particularly those with dietary sensitivities. It is a grain-free source of valuable nutrients.

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    Young kittens need plenty of nutrients and vital ingredients to help them grow into healthy adult cats. This dish is rich in protein in a complete kibble for strengthening bones and overall health.

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    James Wellbeloved Kitten Food Range

    Offer your kitten a naturally healthy start in life!

    Feeding your kitten a wholesome, nutritious diet is the key to giving it the best start in life, encouraging healthy growth and development. This James Wellbeloved kitten food covers all of the bases, offering up delicious meals that your cat will enjoy but that also provide all of the essential nutrients needed at this point in life.
    The James Wellbeloved kitten food range is hypoallergenic, free from dairy, eggs, wheat, soya, beef and pork, meaning that even sensitive cats or those with allergies or intolerances. James Wellbeloved kitten food is also free from artificial additives, using only wholesome, natural ingredients to help your kitten develop a strong immune system as well as healthy bones and muscle.

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    A complete, balanced diet is vital for your cat, particularly in the first years of its life.
    This James Wellbeloved Kitten Food is available in both wet and dry food varieties.

    • Dry Food: the James Wellbeloved kitten food kibble is available in both poultry and fish varieties, to ensure that every palate is catered for. It is enriched with a comprehensive range of vital nutrients and is also a rich source of protein, which is essential not only for the energy to explore at this young age but also for growth. It is made using only the finest ingredients, with Yucca extract to minimise stool odour and carrots to provide essential fibre. This dry James Wellbeloved kitten food also uses chicory to keep the intestinal flora healthy and balanced, with cranberries for urinary tract health!
    • Wet Food: the wet food from the James Wellbeloved kitten food range is available in meat or poultry varieties, both offering your young cat irresistible hearty flavour as well as tasty texture. This James Wellbeloved kitten food is free from potentially troublesome ingredients and uses just a single source of protein to ensure best acceptance and digestibility. It also contains linseed oil, which provides omega fatty acids and helps to keep your kitten’s skin and coat healthy and glossy.

    Feed James Wellbeloved kitten food as a complete dry, complete wet or combination diet for balanced nutrition and healthy growth..
    This range of James Wellbeloved kitten food helps ensure your young cat grows into a healthy, active adult.

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